Saturday, February 6, 2016


Please spread the word. Linda Thomson Dwyer's precious little 6.5 lb Biewer Yorkie, K'lah, was killed while under the care of Pam Morgan, owner of  "Peter Pam's Pet Sitting" in Bradenton, FL. Pam allowed two very large dogs - including a Dogo Argenino (the breed shown in the photo) - to go outside with the smaller dogs. In a split second, K'lah was horrifically mauled and killed.

This cannot be allowed to happen again. Kennels must ensure the safety of our small dogs. As a supposed "animal behaviorist", Pam Morgan should have known better than anyone that you don't mix large and small dogs that don't know each other well, and you never allow a known aggressive breed to be alone with a much smaller dog. It should be common sense, but if it's not common sense, there are plenty of articles that will explain it to you. 

If someone leaves their precious furbaby with you to watch over, you need to watch her at all times and not allow her to be alone with strange, larger dogs. Pam's unbelievable carelessness resulted in the brutal mauling death of one of the cutest little Yorkies I've ever seen.


Anonymous said...

Pam Morgan must be profoundly stupid. Most people know that small dogs and large dogs should not be allowed to hang out with each other. Let alone dogo argentinos? COME ON PAM! You don't know that dogos are killing machines? REALLY?

That yorkie is the cutest I've ever seen. I did not know such a branch of that breed existed. I'd be devastated if that were my dog. I'd also probably not leave it at a kennel. I'd take that precious, adorable, little cutie with me where ever I went. Or I wouldn't go on vacation.

Anonymous said...

I did use her pet sitting service in the past. In my opinion she keeps more dogs than she can handle by herself. My dog was bitten pretty bad by another dog while in her care.

Anonymous said...

We need to make sure .....these folks no what the hell they are doing.This,Family is
Has lost I little member of there family.....For no reason at all.Due to being stupid.and greedy.Shut them down.Id protest.Prayers for the family......Rainbow Bridge. ....little angel.....Sick Iam just sick about this.

Anonymous said...

Iam so upset over this......This,mistake caused a little furbaby her life.

Nanny Tanja said...

When I read this I was appalled. I have been a pet sitter for a long time. Obviously she knows nothing about dog behavior because of she did she known better. But really folks it only takes common sense to know a small dog could get seriously hurt. I personally have an 80lb dog and a 10lb dog but I never leave them alone not ever as I wouldn't leave a 5 year old with an infant in fear of them being too rough. I can't imagine the owners pain I just can't.

Unknown said...

So very sad this family lost their beloved pet and it did NOT need to happen. This is common sense, even if the dog wasn't aggressive the mere size of the dog compared to the 6lbs one is a danger in itself and they should have never been allowed to intermingle either supervised or unsupervised. This lady did not have the right to choose to endanger this baby to see how it would go. Had she just used commen sense we would NOT be here having this conversation. Please pray for the family because they can never get their baby back because of the stupidity of one person.

Sweetie Pie said...

Morgan's only qualifications are that she spent 35 years breeding and showing spaniels. She also owned a 'red nosed pit bull'. She claims she spent a whole year at the 'University orf [sic] South Florida' (1965 - 1966) [source: LinkedIn]. None of this qualifies her to claim she's a specialist in animal behavior -- not even in dog behavior.

Red flags to look for if you're going to board a dog. These indicate that the place will use your normal dog as experimental material to prove to all the world how wonderful the pit types are -- then when your dog is killed by one of the pit bull types, they'll call it a 'freak accident':
1) The business owner inflates her qualifications -- if someone lies about this, what else will they be lying about?
2) The owner or any personnel owns or has ever owned a pit bull type dog.
3) They allow any pit bull and/or war dog types to board at their facility.

Even if this fraud Morgan had been right there, she wouldn't have been able to stop the Dogo from killing the Yorkie. It's not about big and small normal dogs or leaving normal dogs alone together. It's about this epidemic pretence that the pit bull types are 'just like any dog'.