Sunday, February 7, 2016


Authorities are investigating after a vicious dog attack.


One man is in the hospital following what officers are calling a vicious dog attack Sunday afternoon.
About 1:40 p.m., police responded to the 1200 block of NW 45th to a report of a dog attacking a homeowner.
Upon arrival, police located an adult male being mauled by a ST. BERNARD. Two bystanders attempted to pull the dog off the man but they were unsuccessful. An officer then deployed his taser and the dog released its hold on the man.
“We were afraid the dog was going to kill him,” said the victim’s wife Shelley Hudson about the dog named Atlus.
“The dog kept biting deeper and deeper, almost gnawing on his arm. My husband was of course screaming in pain,” Hudson said.
Police said the dog turned and charged at the officer. The officer discharged his handgun and the dog was hit and he retreated.
Officers said the homeowner was “gravely injured as a result of the dog attack”. He was taken to a local hospital in serious condition.
Hudson said her husband is going to be OK but that he can't feel his arm or fingers.
The couple had adopted the dog, who was abused in the past. The dog had bitten her husband about a year and a half ago, but had not shown signs of aggression since, she said. 
The dog was treated at the scene and was taken to a veterinarian clinic for further treatment.
The dog was put down, Hudson told News 9.


Dayna said...

I have a friend who had to put her St. Bernard down because he had a brain tumor or something going on that caused him to act in a way that she no longer felt safe having him. Just food for thought.

Unknown said...

Unknown to many people who are not closely involved in purebred dogs, this is a breed that is known to have an unstable temperament. Their original purpose aside, when they began to be bred for just their appearance, other undesirable traits were introduced. I would guess to get the huge size, and heavier, longer coat, some kind of guard dog breeds were introduced, such as the molosser bred to protect livestock from wolves and bears, as well as known guard dog breeds. They go back to the same root dogs as Mastiff, Bull Mastiff, Bulldogs, Kangal dogs, etc. When I was showing dogs at AKC conformation shows, I only saw two Judges ever attacked or bit by a dog. Both times it was by a Saint Bernard. One judge had serious injuries, and was taken away in an ambulance. Not a dog to fool around with!

PutMeInCharge41Day said...

Saints had a pretty scary reputation when I was growing up. I know someone who did rescue of the breed back in the 80's and they put at least one down for aggressive behavior.

Anonymous said...

St Bernards- the ones obtained from a legitimate show breeder and the like have perfectly good stable temperaments, I've never seen an aggressive St Bernard in the 24 years I've owned multiple dogs at a time, this homeowner the article states obtained the dog as a RESCUE, that means the dog is of unknown breeding and the dog was abused by the previous owner and not socialized, for all we know the dog came from a backyard breeder, puppy mill or pet shop originally- THERE'S your cause right there as to what happened, and the dog bit this new owner a year ago, that should have been a wakeup call that something needed to be done.