Tuesday, March 29, 2016


https://instagram.com/p/BDhmy0BKnBN/ ‌Libby is a amazing well trained Blue Merle Sheltie. On March 19th she was viciously attacked by a PIT BULL. It was unprovoked and sudden. She was savagely shaken and then held down by the throat for over 4 minutes before being released. It tore many blood vessels and the skin is dying off in large areas because of the lack of blood and the dog mouth bacteria into deep puncture wounds This is a dog that is loved by many for her manners and beauty. She has a Instagram page that tells about her and has hundreds of followers of her adventures. It can be found at Libby the Adventure Dog on Instagram. I am retired on a fixed income in rural Alaska and the vet bills are now beyond my means. I am sorry for the ugly pictures of her injuries,. But I hope this can bring awareness to the damage and heartbreak breeding these fighting dogs can do to other dogs. The owners have been non responsive for any assistance. 

Please help me with her long recovery and surgeries that are necessary. Thank you for any help you might bring to Libby's assistance.


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