Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Tanis Cook's five-year-old Shih Tzu, Maze, was killed in an attack by five bullmastiffs Monday.

A woman whose dog was killed during an attack by  FIVE BULLMASTIFFS  was recovering from her injuries and mourning the loss of her pet Tuesday.
Tanis Cook said she wants the dogs involved in Monday’s attack put down or moved out of the area — Balsam Bay — a normally quiet corner of cottage country south of Grand Beach.
It appears she’ll get her wish. Cook, 42, said Tuesday an RM of St. Clements animal control officer told her the dog that led the attack and bit her will be euthanized, while the four others will be relocated and placed in a caged pen.
Cook described the attack as horrifying.
"I had the Shih Tzu on a leash and harness and we were walking on North Shore in Lakeshore Heights, and as we came up to my neighbour I saw two of the dogs in his yard," Cook said. "I picked up my dog and I was trying to hide it in my jacket before they saw her. All of a sudden they bolted, I screamed, my neighbour came out and three more dogs came out of the house behind him."
Cook, a Winnipeg resident, said all five dogs attacked, tearing at her dog, which she clutched in her arms.
"I fell into a fetal position, trying to protect my dog. The owner, he took my dog away and he told me to get up and run. Then they all attacked him.
"I ran, yelling and screaming for help," Cook said.
The bullmastiffs’ owner, who would only give his first name, Mike, said by text they were guard dogs and he and Cook were both attacked after they tried to save Cook’s dog.
"I told her to get up and keep walking so as to not escalate it. She dropped the dog, and I tried to grab it. I did and they (his own dogs) continued their attention on me. I was knocked down on my driveway. We both tried to protect her dog, and in doing so we both took two bites," Mike said.
Mike said he will abide by the RM’s decision. "I am doing what I can to right the wrong this has caused her," he said.
Debbie Glesmann, another of Cook’s neighbour’s, said she heard the commotion and dialed 911.
"I heard a noise, like kids horsing around, yelling, and I looked and saw Tanis running to my door. She had blood all over her, and she was screaming," Glesmann said.
It took an hour for an ambulance to arrive. Cook was bitten in the upper bicep and on her buttocks. Paramedics treated her at the scene. The mastiff owner returned her dog in a box. It was so badly mauled it had to be euthanized Monday, Cook said.
Glesmann said her two Yorkshire terriers were attacked by the same dogs two years ago but survived. She said the owner’s girlfriend covered the vet bills of about $1,500.
The chief administrative officer for the RM, D.J. Sigmundson, said they have a bylaw that calls for owners whose dogs are declared dangerous by council to fence them in and buy liability insurance. In the two or three times that’s happened, the cost has been so high the dog owners have moved the animals out of the area, he said.


Anonymous said...

Such a shame that sweet, defenseless, harmless little dogs are getting killed by dogs that have no reason to be in society. Why anyone would need FIVE bull mastiffs as guard dogs is beyond me. What could they possibly own that needs that much protection?

Anonymous said...

It's really a shame that the 5 bullmastiffs didn't just eat the owner. He would have at least gotten his much deserved Darwin Award.

Sweetie Pie said...

As with all these people who keep pit bulls and pit bull mixes (which the 'bullmastiff' is), this one is also mentally ill. "I'll abide by the RM's decision". What mentally healthy person would wait for someone else to decide to destroy five huge dogs that tried to kill him? What mentally healthy person thinks a 'guard dog' is supposed to try to kill its owner if its owner does something that doesn't please the dog?

These people are fundamentally disturbed.