Sunday, March 6, 2016


14-month-old DAXTON BORCHARDT'S Angel Day is March 6th, 2013. Dax had been at his babysitter's home in Walworth, Wisconsin when her two well-loved and well-cared-for pit bulls attacked her, causing Dax to fall from her arms. Despite her desperate attempts to shield the baby, the dogs were able to focus their aggression on little Dax--the extremely violent attack lasted approximately 15-minutes. He was flown to the hospital but he could not survive the catastrophic injuries he sustained. Dax was the center of his parent's lives, and the amount of love he was shown in his short life was immeasurable. They loved to travel with Dax and show him the world. Dax had enjoyed going on fishing trips with his daddy, fun-filled visits to the zoo, and even a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game. Just like his daddy, Dax loved music and enjoyed many special days spending time with his mommy dancing around the house. He also loved cuddling with his mommy as she read him story books. Dax loved playing with cars, trucks, and trains. He also loved Mickey Mouse and enjoyed watching the cartoons on the Disney Channel. Dax was such a happy little boy who loved to smile and had an infectious laugh. Dax's tragic death has had such a major impact on so many people--near and far. He is and will continue to save lives. There are so many people who send love to Dax and his family everyday. Today, we are sending just a little extra. We love you, Dax.

Hounded: Written by Jeff Borchardt
Hounded By Jeff Borchardt The Kübler-Ross model, I guess there’s really no way to describe grief. The pain that goes with it. The emptiness. That lump in your throat that won’t go away. I have actu…


I want a cute purse said...

Dax's story is such a nightmare. Not only do I want to turn back time and save this precious baby. I want to protect these parents from the world of pitbull advocates and the unspeakable cruelty they have endured. When I look at his pictures I see my own little boys. I can't imagine living through the heartache. You are very inspiring to be such a strong voice in canine awareness.

PutMeInCharge41Day said...

Jeff has become such an important spokesperson, although I am happy for his voice, I am always saddened deeply as to how it came to be.

Much love to the Borchardt family on this very sad anniversary.