Thursday, March 17, 2016


 WATCH ABOVE: The grieving owner of dachshund named Dacky is sharing the heart-wrenching moment his best friend was mauled to death before his eyes. It happened in Etobicoke last week, and now another dog owner is now under arrest. As Caryn Lieberman reports, he isn’t only facing criminal charges.

A Toronto man faces one count of mischief as well as charges under the provincial dog-owners’ law after it’s alleged he did nothing while his pets mauled an elderly man’s dachshund to death at a local park.
Kurt Haupt was walking his pet “Dacky” off leash at Centennial Park in the west end last Wednesday when the little dog was attacked by four larger dogs.
“All I heard’s a very little squeak. Then I knew she was dead,” he told Global News.
A photo shows Haupt carrying his dead dog towards the owner and his four Cane Corso mastiffs.
said he was about 10 metres away when one of the mastiffs grabbed his dog, holding Dacky in its mouth before dropping her. Another mastiff then bit her, Haupt said.
He added that during the attack the other dogs’ owner called out to them but they didn’t respond.
“I was totally devastated,” Haupt said. “At the moment I couldn’t say anything.”
The other man gathered his dogs and walked away without saying anything, according to the 81-year-old Haupt.
He called Dacky “a very friendly dog. She wanted to say hello to everybody.
He said of the 13-year-old dachshund: “she was my companion, my baby, everything. She was more than just a dog.” The pair lived alone together, he added.
Jessie Ladrillo
last Friday
We're gonna miss chillin in the park with Doxie and Kirk. She'd spot us from way across the field and come running as fast as her little legs would carry her. She was a feisty one with a sparkle in her eye. She loved attention and would bark for more if you stopped patting her. I desperately hope they catch this guy who's been a menace in our neighbourhood for years.  I just wanted to share with everyone how awesome this girl was. To remember our long walks and talks together. 

Haupt said he got Dacky after retiring. Originally from Germany, his first family dog was shot during the Second World War, he said.
But Haupt is considering taking on a new dog, after a woman called him out of the blue and offered to find him a new pet.
Though Haupt is hesitant because of his age and a weak leg, he said “every argument I have she has a solution for” and that he is keeping an open mind
Toronto Animal Services executed a warrant and seized five dogs from  KIRIAKOS (KIRK) NENDOS, 46. 
Nendos has been charged with mischief – interfere with lawful enjoyment of property. He appeared in court Tuesday.
Animal Services spokeswoman Mary Lou Leiher said Wednesday that Nendos is now facing additional charges under Ontario’s Dog Owners’ Liability Act for allegedly failing to stop the attack.
“It holds dog owners responsible for their dogs’ actions,” Leiher said of the provincial law.
She added it carries the possible punishment of an up-to $10,000 fine and/or six months’ jail time, as well as an animal “control order” or destruction of the dogs.


Sweetie Pie said...

I wish they'd stop this bs. The 'Cane Corso' isn't a 'mastiff' -- it's just another VULGAR PIT BULL MIX.

Let's hope all these vicious, vulgar pit bull mixes are put down, this scum who owned them fined the full $10,000, and that he's given the full max sentence of six months in jail.

Anonymous said...

GOOD. Animal Control living up to its name. Owner arrested, and dogs seized. Let's hope he get the max and his dogs are put down!