Saturday, April 30, 2016


Pit bull Attack
A family in a Cape Breton First Nation community is calling for tougher dog bylaws after one of their own survived a vicious PIT BULL attack.
Gloria Peck says she was walking home on a residential lane Thursday night when the attack happened.
"They bit me so hard,” said Peck. “I got 25 bite marks on one leg and five bite marks on the other."
pit bull attack
Peck says the dogs were unprovoked, and they simply came at her.
The two pit bulls have since been put down.
"I was thinking, 'I can't fall down. If I do fall down, they're going to go for my neck,’" said Peck.
The dogs’ owner has a different version of events. Charlene Isadore says Peck hit her dogs, and she has done so in the past.
Isadore says she wasn't home at the time, but called the authorities immediately when she found out what happened.
"The six-year-old dog probably did attack her, so I did the right thing. I called our chief, Norman Bernard, and I said to him that I was willing to put my dogs down," said Isadore.
The incident will be discussed at next week's band council meeting, where tougher dog bylaws will be a topic of conversation.  
"We're looking at how to improve our dog bylaws, how to improve the control of dogs in the community, and also we got to make sure dog owners have responsibility," said Chief Bernard.
Council will also be discussing what breeds will be allowed as pets in the community, and better ways to enforce a bylaw that says people have to keep their dogs tied.
Mary Peck, Gloria’s mother, says tougher bylaws are necessary.
"Hopefully they're going to do something about it next week, and they will definitely do something about it,” said Mary Peck. “I'll be very proud. It will be safer for the community and for the kids."

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