Friday, April 1, 2016


A Detroit man was tied up, tortured and had his ear cut off. Police say that man was breeding dogs under terrible conditions, and was possibly training them for dog fighting.
FOX 2 counted at least 16 pit bulls that were emaciated and living outside and in filth. That is in addition to the more than a dozen dogs taken from the basement of the home.
The 52-year-old dog breeder was feeding his dogs at one of his Detroit properties on Mackay when he was confronted by three armed men wearing ninja masks. His family says he was forced into the home. They tied him and his two tenants up, then proceeded to torture the dog breeder and demand money.
"My cousin's not a small man, you know what I'm saying. They knew what they were doing," says Marty Johnson, the victim's cousin. "They tied him up; they beat him up pretty bad; broke ribs; broke fingers; stabbed him with ice pics; cut his ear off. It was just messed up."
Police sources tell FOX 2's Taryn Asher they believe the dog breeder was targeted because of his sophisticated and expensive blue pit breeding operation, which they believe is connected to dog fighting.
Animal Control removed several dogs from the basement of the home and were on their way back to take the 16 pit bulls FOX 2 saw tied up and living in the backyard.
The attack was personal and possibly in retaliation.
"He has wife; he has family; he has kids," says Johnson. "They made an accusation, talking about, 'If we catch your wife and daughter, we are raping them. We're going to do this, we're going to do that.' I mean, c'mon."
The masked suspects took the victim's ear and his minivan.
FOX 2 has learned the victim owns multiple properties. FOX 2 found two of them with several pit bulls living in and out of the houses.
But relatives deny the 52-year-old is involved in dog fighting, and claims he just breeds them to sell.
"No, he don't [sic] fight dogs. He breeds dogs," says the victim's brother, who did not wish to be shown or named. "He has a lot of dogs. He's been like that since we were kids."
"You can make all the accusations you want - it is not a dog fighting ring. He loves his dogs," says Johnson.
The victim was taken to the hospital and police are investigating. THEY BELIEVE THERE IS MUCH MORE TO THIS CASE. 
In the meantime, the breeder is expected to face some misdemeanor charges for the blight.
The three armed suspects are still out there. 


Anonymous said...

Breeding pit bulls in Detroit. Detroit does not have a pit bull problem. Breeding "pure bred" pit bulls is a lucrative business. If only BSL was enacted after dog fighting became a felony, we would not have pit bull problems.

These "puppy mill pure bred pit bulls" are coming to a neighborhood near you! REJOICE!

Anonymous said...

Everyone commenting thinks the perps were some sort of pit bull vigilante. They were just there because of his criminal element and were making some sort of payback or giving a message due to some deal gone wrong. I'm sure they couldn't care less about the effing pit bulls.

Sweetie Pie said...

I guess now this pit bull breeder knows how it feels, sort of, to a child as that child is being mauled by one of the pit bulls he was putting into his community.

Think he'll learn anything from it?

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

I watched the video and I looked at the houses around...thinking...this has been going on at multiple houses, and according to the family members talking on the video, since they were kids and this man is in his 50's...WHY WASN'T THE NEIGHBOR'S COMPLAINING AND TURNING HIM IN. Oh, I forgot, this is Detroit where there are more pit bulls than people!!! So would it be a stretch to say this POS SUBHUMAN has contributed tens of thousands of pits to our ghettos. I cooked a big breakfast this morning and it was sunny and cool so I forgot....and I went outside to my back patio where I already have my flowers blooming and I sat in my comfortable chair and watched my robins in their nest...then the pit breeder's pits next door, about 75 feet from me, started whining and squealing and barking. I think they smelled my food from their ghetto back yard. For a few minutes I forgot that I had a ghetto next door to me now. So I got up and went back inside my house. I have often wondered just how many citizens of the lovely city on the river, Decatur Alabama, have to endure barking pit bulls looking down on them every time they go into their back yard? Plus all the other crap that goes with it...trash, debris, weeds 2 and 3 feet tall. Sell my house, you ask? Several people have tried to sell their houses and THEY ARE NOT SELLING!!! How long would it take Decatur to turn into Detroit?


ATTN: NINJA MEN,DO NOT STOP NOW! This fight will be endless,some will call it a war.This is needed for the sake of mankind as we know it,evil is creating chaos and taking the beauty of the world with it.Fucking ignorant inbred bullies are breeding more of the same at this moment,this must be stopped.Harming beautiful amazing creatures,who can't speak,run away or fight back? You think they stop at animals? GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! It's practice,boredom will make them seek the weak,children first.


Who the fuck cares why they did it?! The end result is what matters. Do people of Detroit find this acceptable behavior? Who is actually goin for this shit? This fucking ignorant,inbred small minded son of a bitch,capable of such atrocity,in my eyes,got away with a slap on the wrist. Fucking punk ass bully is a waste of space and been on this earth to long anyway.Who benefits? Those who can't speak,fight back or run away...chained neglected dogs and his WIFE AND CHILDREN!! Can you imagine?

Anonymous said...

Every dog fighting/breeding operation looks exactly like that backyard. The heavy chains, the barrels for dog houses, the huge puddles, the lovely white fence for "privacy". It's funny how the fence looks nice on the outside, but is all splattered with mud on the other side. A true dog kennel does not look anything like that backyard.

DeacaturAL, how can anyone live with those dogs barking all of the time, and the smell? You should not have to live the way you do. The only thing I can tell you is to sell your house to a nutter! Advertise that your neighborhood is pit bull friendly! A normal person will steer clear, but you can always appeal to another backyard breeder!

Anonymous said...

"Who the fuck cares why they did it"??? Apparently, all the pit bull lovers do. They think the rest of the people of the community love pit bulls too. Guess what. They don't. If you take a sampling of actual most recent citizen votes, it's a huge margin of people that don't want pit bulls in their communities. The pit bull lovers are the ones that keep this man in business by keeping a killer breed among us. Because of them and all the "rescues" this guy can just keep setting up house and maintaining his operation of breeding these ugly, man-eating monsters. The pit bull supporters are just too stupid to see it.