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Animal control officers took custody of four dogs after woman mauled in Fresno on Tuesday, April 5, 2016.

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Fresno police aren't sure how long the woman endured the dog's attacks before someone discovered her in an alley in Central Fresno. Investigators said the victim's body is covered with deep puncture wounds and scratches making it difficult to identify her.

Officers said the vicious attack was horrific. Her arm was nearly ripped off, her scalp torn off and her face not even recognizable. The chief aggressor, according to police, is A FEMALE PIT BULL MIX THAT'S ONLY 4 TO 6 MONTHS OLD.  Officers said the light brown dog wouldn't let loose during an attack in an alley on Angus and McKenzie. The dogs owner was the first to investigate sounds coming from behind her house.

"She saw two of her dogs on top of something in the alley. She got one to get off of what it was, she didn't know it was a female at that time. She went to get the other dog that was still on top of the object and saw that the dogs were attacking a female in the alley," said Lt. Joe Gomez, Fresno Police Department.

Detectives said it's unclear whether the woman is homeless or lives in the area.

Officers said the dogs were in a gated yard but may have squeezed through a small opening or jumped the fence. The SPCA took the dogs, that police said will be put down. The other is a brindle colored  PIT BULL MIX WHO IS 8 TO 12 MONTHS OLD.

The dogs owner-- from her porch-- said she feels very remorseful about what happened.

"It's very traumatic for both sides. So we're just asking for a little privacy right now so we can intake this matter. It's an emotional situation for every individual involved."

It's unknown if the dogs have any past history of malicious behavior. So far, Fresno police said it does not appear the dogs owner is at fault.

"There's nothing from what the officers tell me here to indicate that there's any negligence at this point on the owners part," said Gomez.

The victim was conscious when the ambulance arrived. She told emergency crews she was thirsty and in a lot of pain.

She has been in surgery for more than six hours.


A woman mauled by TWO PIT BULL DOGS  is in extremely critical condition after an attack in an alley near downtown Fresno early Tuesday morning, police reported.
The attack happened in an alley near Diamond Street and McKenzie Avenue, near the Highway 41 offramp at Divisadero Street.
The woman, who may be a transient, was walking in the alley when the dogs escaped a fenced yard, possibly through an alley gate or by climbing atop a chair, police Lt. Joe Gomez said.
The woman sustained serious bites over most of her body and was rushed to the trauma center at Community Regional Medical Center. Gomez said the woman needed emergency blood transfusions.
Four dogs were taken away after the attack. Police say two will be euthanized and the other two will be evaluated.
Police did not immediately know the identity of the victim, who is in her 50s. Officers tried to use a fingerprint reader for identification but were unsuccessful because of the extent of her injuries.
In addition to the severity of the bites, the victim is at the risk of serious infection. At the hospital, the victim was able to tell nurses she was very thirsty and in a great deal of pain.
Officers were called to the alley about 6:30 a.m. They learned the owner of the dogs heard something in the alley but did not know what because it was dark.
She was able to call one of the attacking dogs. When she went to get the other dog, she realized it was attacking the victim, was able to control it and told a neighbor to call police.
Police do not know how long the attack lasted before the owner interceded.
The department’s Crime Scene Bureau is collecting evidence. Gomez said the dogs’ owner might face charges of having an unrestrained animal.

Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/news/local/crime/article70015187.html#storylink=cpy

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