Friday, April 22, 2016


Julie Sykes with her miniature Shetland Ponies
A pair of miniature Shetland ponies fell victim to an horrific dog attack as they were grazing in their paddock.
Tiny horses Treacle and Minty had chunks of flesh torn from them as they were mauled in Sale, Greater Manchester.
The animals set upon the beloved pets at around 2pm on Wednesday afternoon.
A lone dog walker was spotted near the paddock and eventually called the dogs away from the ponies before walking off.
Treacle and Minty were left covered in blood, cowering in the corner of the field nuzzling each other for comfort after their ordeal.
Owner Julie Sykes said she is appalled at the incident, reports Manchester Evening News.
She said: “They were covered in blood and very traumatised. They were just standing in the corner shaking and nuzzling each other.
Julie Sykes with her miniature Shetland Ponies
Julie Sykes with her miniature Shetland Ponies
“They are both seriously injured and they’re not out of the woods yet.
“I don’t feel anything towards the dogs - I blame the owner.
“He didn’t even stop to see how they were. He just walked away.”
The ponies were discovered in the field covered in blood with another pony, Peanut, who was comforting the injured horses.
Ten-year-old Minty and Treacle, five, are two of the most popular horses at Julie’s business Merrylegs Ponies.
The tiny horses provide rides for young children and pet therapy.
Julie was enjoying a day out with a friend when she received a call telling her that her beloved ponies had been attacked.
“I was horrified - I couldn’t think properly," she said. "I just felt sick."
I wasn’t there but my friend heard the shouting," Julie continued.
"She said there was a guy standing on the lane shouting his dog, which was A PIT BULL OR A STAFF,  which was running and grabbing the horses.
"Then the other dog started as well."
“Then the Minty reported a massive big tear right down his chest," she said.
"Another inch and they would have had his jugular. They also tore his muzzle.
“Treacle has a puncture would to his chest and his left front leg has been sliced.
A man in a grey hooded top was spotted near the paddock with a BLACK STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER AND A GREY AND BLACK STAFFORDSHIRE OR PIT BULL TYPE DOG.
The incident has been reported to Greater Manchester Police.


Sweetie Pie said...

WTF? This Julia Sykes person is just as bad as the pit freak that encouraged its pit bull types to maul her horses. "I don't feel anything towards the dogs, I just blame the owner..." Has she had a lobotomy, disengaging her emotions from the rest of her brain? Or does she just have experience with the terror tactics pit crazies use if someone says they do blame these pit bull types?

Whichever way, she and her like are just as much part of the problem as the outright pit bull freaks. This needs to stop. All of us need to start telling it like it is. Any victim who doesn't is contributing to the next mauling / death these ugly grippers commit.

No sympathy here for Julia Sykes. Lots of sympathy for her horses, among other things because they have an owner like her.

Dayna said...

It's the disease of political correctness. No one is allowed to feel the normal emotions you're supposed to feel towards an attacker if they fall into certain categories. Pit bulls fall into the protected class thanks to the pit lobbyists.