Tuesday, May 17, 2016


One Albuquerque neighborhood knows about vicious dogs all too well. Neighbors in the South Valley say a dog escaping its yard is terrorizing their streets. It is believed that dog has taken another smaller dog out of its front yard and mauled it to death.
Cher was a rescue from Texas. She escaped the life of a backyard breeder and found a home in New Mexico with Michelle Dipour.
“She had suffered a lot in her life and she was a good dog,” she said. “She was coming around beautifully. She was starting to love life.”
On Saturday, Cher was with Michelle’s grandmother lounging in the front yard.
“I just heard her squeal and I didn’t know what was going on,” Sheryl Shafffer said. “I looked up and the neighbor’s dog –A BIG BLACK AND WHITE DOG – was carrying her across the street in her mouth, shaking her like this. I started screaming, ‘cut it out, cut it out.’”
Shaffer believed the neighbor’s dog jumped her fence, snatched up Cher, jumped the fence again, mauled her, and eventually left Cher near the road to die.
“Her spinal cord had been severed,” she said. “The number five vertebrae was crushed, and I didn’t want to put her to sleep because she came here to be happy and for me to take care of her. And I feel like I didn’t. I let her down.”
Saturday evening, Cher was euthanized. Her chances of surviving the attack were slim.
So the theory is that the dog was getting out through the hole in the shrubbery. It’s been patched up now.
Angel Pacheco, who owns the dog in question, doesn’t believe that’s what happened.
“Every accusation that has ever been made of my dogs was being made by this woman here,” she said.
That’s not entirely true. In fact, her neighbors have seen the dog out of the yard.
“When my little dogs are out, all of the sudden that dog runs into that gate and slams it real hard,” a neighbor said. “So it makes you worry, yeah.”
Another neighbor said, “Well, every time I go out to get my paper in the morning, if they are right there in the corner, it’s like they would just love to get out of there and eat you up.”
At this point the county animal control has only cited Pacheco with not having current licenses on her dogs. But they are continuing to investigate.

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Anonymous said...

I know! Cher, the little rescue dog from Texas committed suicide!

Poor little Cher. Finally had a chance at a decent life, only to be inhumanely killed by a pit bull. Sorry, I'm not going to be politically correct, and call a pit bull a dog. We all know what kind of "dog" was described in this article.