Sunday, May 15, 2016


(WHSV) - A dog mauled a 5-year-old Valley boy. Now the family fears the dog will be free to attack again.  Before we proceed, we do want to warn you: some of the images in this story are very graphic.

Little Dylan Moulder, just woke up Sunday after an 8-hour surgery. Three plastic surgeons worked to save his face after what the family calls a vicious dog attack. Now, the family fears the dog could bite other children. WHSV spoke exclusively with the family in Page County.

Dylan Moulder used to shoot basketball at an outdoor hoop, but on Friday night, it was a different scene just around 50 yards away when a dog mauling took place.
According to family members, a neighbor's PIT BULL/ROTTWEILER MIX  attacked Dylan while he was playing with another child. A different neighbor saw what happened and rushed Dylan to his mother's house. Dylan's face had been ripped to pieces.
We have a photo of the injuries before surgery, but the image is too graphic to show on broadcast television.
Dylan was flown to UVa Medical Center for serious surgery.
Even the post-surgery photos the family gave of us of Dylan are graphic
His grandmother said Dylan woke up Saturday night screaming in fear that the dog would return.
"Not only is he physically scarred, but he is emotionally scarred; you can't fix that," said Dylan's grandmother, Michelle Foster. "That is going to take a long, long time to fix that."
The family said the dog had no vaccinations so Dylan is also going through rabies treatment as a precaution.
According to the family, they were told the dog would be released to the owner and no charges would be filed. That's because the dog's owner told deputies that Dylan approached his chained dog and provoked it by throwing rocks, Dylan's family said. The family doesn't believe the dog owner's story, and also said: even if it were true, this level of violence should be enough for the dog to be put down.
WHSV contacted the Page County Sheriff's Office several times to confirm details and get their side of the story, but they have not yet returned our reporter's calls.
We did reach out to the dog's owner and he declined to go on camera until he knew what is going to happen to his dog.


I want a cute purse said...

I feel very helpless and discusted for what this little boy and his family must be going through! It makes me sick to my stomach that ADULTS are debating about this dog's fate. Look at this 5 year old's face!!!! How can we even talk about the discusting wretch of a dog?
And something else! What the hell is up with news anchors these days? They have no feeling? I've watched COUNTLESS pitbull attack stories and these reporters talk about it like its a flower festival. Not so much a tear or worry in their voice? How is it possible to be so detached from humanity? I long to hold this child and help his family.

Anonymous said...

How does the owner know that Dylan threw rocks at his dangerous chained up dog? If that were the case, why did the owner of the dangerous dog allow Dylan to continue until he was attacked? What kind of sick person would let that happen?

I bet you anything that when Dylan tells his side of the story, it will NOT be anything like the irresponsible owner's version. Are we really supposed to believe a person that chains up their dog, and doesn't vaccinate it?

I, for one, do not believe the owner of the dangerous dog. Sorry, just another nutter that lost the argument of whether or not pit bulls make great pets. And so nice that he won't talk to reporters until he knows what's going to happen to his dog. A kid is in the hospital because of his pit bull, and he's worried about the pit bull?

I want a cute purse said...

Whether or not the dog was provoked is irrelevant! He's 5! I have a 5 year old and guess what? He's got a lot to learn about staying safe. I don't think we should expect children to shoulder responsibilities that are completely inappropriate for their age. The boy was playing outside... That's all he, at age 5 should be thinking about. The adults responsible for that beast should be held completely accountable.
And if a kid throws rocks at one of our animals that kid needs to worry about ME or his PARENTS and he sure wouldn't end up in the hospital for it. It's common that a child learn the lesson never to tease or hurt animals. It should not be common that animals who bite be kept as pets. I'm sad this 5 year old is fighting for his life because he was attacked by a pitbull.