Sunday, May 29, 2016


Margaret Langford, 82 in hospital

A pensioner has told how she thought she would die after she was mauled by TWO ROTTWEILERS  just yards from her home.
Margaret Langford, 82, described how she had just stepped out of her front door to visit a friend when she was bowled over by the dogs as they “took turns” to rip chunks out of her.
The savage attack in Tipton, West Midlands, only ended when a concerned neighbour heard Margaret’s screams for help and helped carry her back to her house to her devastated husband Jack, 88.
Margaret was taken to Russells Hall Hospital on Wednesday 18 May where she spent five days recovering from eight dog bites, but has been unable to sleep since the attack.  Now, despite walking the same route from her house for the last 60 years, Margaret has been left too anxious to walk the street alone and claimed that she can still see the dogs that attacked her when she closes her eyes.
The dogs, which she described as brown and snarling, are currently being housed in secure kennels.
And, while Margaret described herself as a dog lover, having owned her own dog for 11 years, she has been left in fear of them as a result of the incident.
Margaret said: “I thought that the end had come and this was it for me. I kept thinking that I was going to die.
“I was only 20 yards down the road from my home where I have lived for 60 years with my husband, on the way to visit a friend whose husband had recently died.
“The first thing that I heard was a loud growling as I walked past a house in my street. I was on the floor in seconds having been bowled over by the two dogs.
“The coat I was wearing at the time was absolutely shredded and it felt like they were taking it in turns to bite me.
“All I could do was keep screaming and I tried to drag myself towards a nearby wall to try and get upright.
“A neighbour’s granddaughter had been doing her hair in her bedroom when she noticed the attack and my screams - somebody came out to help and the dogs vanished.
“It felt like I was being repeatedly stabbed. By the end of the attack I could not remember where I had been bitten because there had been so many. There was a huge amount of blood.“When I was found I was draped over a nearby wall, screaming for help. I had to be carried back to my house where my husband and neighbour tried to stop the bleeding and called an ambulance.”
The dogs are believed to belong to a neighbour but no one has yet been charged in connection with the attack.  Margaret’s grandson, Jack Langford, 24, claimed that his grandmother had been left emotionally traumatised by the attack and feared returning to the area where she has raised her family.
Jack said: “Nan is still incredibly active for her age and likes to go out and meet friends and do her own shopping. One of the first things she said in hospital was God forbid if it was a child that it happened to as who knows if they would have survived.
“We are a close family and I don’t live that far away. My dad Neil, my brother and I look after her.
"We are also staying with granddad following the incident. The police have assured us that an ongoing investigation is now taking place and we will be kept informed.
“Luckily the dogs have been seized too. You just don’t expect something like this to happen.”
A spokesperson for West Midlands said: “An 82 year-old woman has now been discharged from hospital and the dogs have been seized and taken to secure kennels while the investigation continues.”

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