Friday, June 3, 2016


"So as many of you know, on October 21, 2015 we lost our post precious baby. Our baby Fluffy. He was brutally and viciously attacked our neighbors 4 pit bulls. Since we've moved in (like 3 years ago) our neighbors dogs would break our fence and come to our back yard. Then the week leading up to October 21st, every single day those dogs had broken our fence and came in. We were nice about letting them know so they can come get their dogs. Then on October 21st, I woke up like around 9:25am and everytime I woke up, I'd check outside to make sure the dogs weren't in the backyard so I can let fluffy out to use the restroom. When I opened the door their dogs were back there AGAIN... Before I told my sister to not let fluffy out because the dogs were back there. Then I went to the neighbors house to tell them. So when I came back home I checked to make sure they called their dogs back to their yard. And when I opened our back door, I seen my precious out there laying on the ground lifeless. I quickly ran to wake up my sister cause he was so attached to her and she was attached to him. She jumped up everything started happening, hollering, crying, screaming (I think it's the same as hollering oh well) the I ran over to our neighbors house and I was like "your dogs just killed my dogs" and all the guy said was "really?" YES REALLY! You think I'd be lying about this. We called my mom at work she left work in a hurry, when she got here we took him to the SPCA to see if they can help him. While we were going to the SPCA my sister called the cops and called the SPCA to come pick up these dogs and take them. Well it took SPCA forever to get here. And all they did were chain them up for 10 days and that's it. Something more should've happens. But anyways back to the SPCA hospital. I guess the vet was in surgery all day, while there the nurse or MA was checking to see if he had a heartbeat and she was saying it kept stoping and going. and they said we should take him to the animal ER. While we were getting in the car his heart stopped completely not coming back again. Oh man was that the worst day of our lives. We needed another puppy to fill that void after loosing our precious. So on that Sunday we got another puppy, our newest baby Jax. The sad thing about having him is not being able to let him outside because the neighbors still have their dogs, unchained running free in their back yard, and their dogs can break our fence whenever they like and just do the same thing to our Jax. When we do let him out we leave the back door open. We are so emotionally hurt and traumatized about loosing fluffy everytime we here the neighbors dogs bark we have to immediately bring Jax in the house and not let him out for a few more hours or the next day. So he's kind of not getting potty trained because he's in the house majority of the time, so he uses the bathroom in the house. I've woken up crying because my room is right next to the fence and I can hear those dogs barking, and the way they bark is so vicious it just makes me think of that's what they sounded like when they attacked and killed Fluffy.
Anyways this whole post is just about SPCA not doing crap, and because of them not doing anything I'm suffering from emotional distress and all that other stuff. Some of you may be like "it was just a dog" well no he wasn't just a dog, he was our family. So if you don't have an animal you wouldn't understand.
We miss and love you so much cutie! Can't wait to be able to see you again."

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Civilization should be a place where neither people nor their animals have to worry about shit like this.