Wednesday, June 8, 2016


A woman who said she was attacked by a  BULLDOG, which she was trying to save, spoke out Wednesday. She's now trying to shed light on a stray dog problem plaguing her neighborhood.  It's a problem she said led her to take home a dying street dog that only ended up pouncing on her.  After several surgeries, she wants to advocate for change.

Melinda Gielmurray can't fully extend her arm. For weeks it's been bandaged, along with her leg.  With a large property in Redland, with horses and dogs and plenty of things to tend to, it hasn't been easy. But she's focused on just being alive. She said a massive, 135-pound Bulldog almost killed her.

"It just snapped," she said. "I've never seen anything like that. He attacked me and latched on to my leg. My husband jumped on the dog and was able to tell me to run."
The wounds left on her arm and leg are proof enough of the severity of the attack. Gielmurray said the only reason she took in the dog was to save it.
"It was being eaten alive by bugs. It had been homeless for a year," she said.
With a soft spot for animals, she took it in only for someone to come get it.

"[The county] told me that they couldn't come out and deal with a stray dog. I told them that the dog was outside circling the property and I was scared to leave my house but they still couldn't come," Gielmurray explained.

As far as her wounds go, two surgeries later, they're getting better. But what she wants is two things: the county to do a better job monitoring the stray dog situation in Redland.UP
The other is for people to stop dumping unwanted dogs in Redland, because it's the neighbors, like her, who wind up getting hurt trying to fix the problem or worse.

Gielmurray's message is don't dump your dog. Turn it in to the county, where it can be accounted for.


Sweetie Pie said...

Miami Dade AC is run by Kathleen Labrada, pit-freak extraordinaire. Every pit bull that comes into her shelter is labelled 'AmBull' (which is a pit bull - mastiff mix) so as to protect it from Dade's pit bull ban.

As she does this, Labrada also advertises that the Dade shelter is now 'No Kill'.

That means they will adopt the usual 'no kill' procedures and no longer accept or pick up animals they know they'll have to euthanize due to serious aggression problems -- this despite a new shelter that will open on June 13 with double the capacity of the old shelter.

And it's no wonder that they -- like all 'No Kill' shelters limit admissions. Despite being run by a pit-freak and going 'No Kill', Labrada and her bunch are still being attacked by the nutters for not 'asving' and rescuing every single pit bulls the nutter dump at the Dade shelter.


So the nutters keep pumping out litters then dumping them, then they ignite in a fury that someone else isn't 'saving' the pit bulls they dump. Labrada responds by deciding that her 'live release' figures are more important than really saving any dog, worse yet than protecting human life. Politicians ignore the referendum (67% for keeping the pit bull ban) and hire a pit freak to enforce it.

The entire country has gone insane.

Dayna said...

'A 135 lb American Bulldog'... That woman is LUCKY to be alive!!! She has horses, I'd be worried about them constantly with dogs like that roaming.

Anonymous said...

Turn your dog in to the county? But the county doesn't want to deal with unwanted dogs.

How does this woman know that the dog was dumped? It might have escaped its yard. My county won't pick up a stray, unless it has been secured. That's all that should happen with dangerous breed strays; secure them, then call Animal Control. Do not try to interact with the beasts beyond that.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, what? Secure them?

Best way I know of securing a dangerous animal on the loose is with a firearm.

My state allows for shooting any dog biting, chasing or harassing livestock. I'd suggest that any livestock owner check into the laws in their state and hope for a clear shot.

Anonymous said...

The story doesn't say anything about the "bulldog" harassing livestock. What I meant was, secure the beast, then wait for animal control. Not try to feed it, give it water, play with it, spray bug spray on it.