Wednesday, June 15, 2016


ROCK HILL, S.C. -- A 7-year-old attacked by a dog gets a trip to Levine Children's Hospital and 50 stiches.
The family says the child is recovering, and the dogs are being called vicious by police.
The owner tells a different story.The victim's family wouldn't comment further or do an on-camera interview, so WCNC went to the house where the attack happened.
Reporter Sarah Hagen was greeted by an intimidating chain-link fence and "beware of dog" sign. Then the owner came out, and welcomed the crew in to meet the dogs.
"They are not vicious. If they were, by definition, y'all would be ate up right now," said owner Emanuel Dow.

Dow says his dog did attack-- but there's a reason why.
"The kid came over, don't even know who he was. I have a policy-- I need to know who is in my yard. They will bite-- when provoked. When the kid was afraid, screamed and hollered and ran, and they took that as an act of aggression."
But, he says the dogs are far from "vicious", as was stated in the police report. 
"They are groomed, they have their shots, they love children-- all the kids in neighborhood come here, but I introduce them. Just like I did with you."
At this point, what's next for the victim and these dogs is unknown.
"I am worried. When I told the family they might kill the dogs, everyone in the house cried; they are part of the family."
Dow says he hopes the victim has a speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

People like these shouldn't have animals of any kind.

They also should be spayed or neutered before puberty. The people, that is.

Anonymous said...


You have a policy? You have to know who is in your yard? And the pit bulls know if you know who's in your yard?

THEY WILL BITE WHEN PROVOKED? What provoked them? Oh, you not knowing who was in your yard. AMMI RIGHT?

Nutters are so nutty. Not introducing someone to your pit bull is provoking the pit bulls, and therefore, they will bite, however, they are not vicious.

I'm turning into one of them. I better stop pointing out how ridiculous this guy sounds.

Anonymous said...

With the owner's attitude, no wonder the victim's family isn't talking. What did they tell the victim off camera if that's what they'll say on camera? They were told it's all their fault, and they're afraid of the owner.

Dayna said...

The disregard for this child makes me hope this crazy owner is at the receiving end of his non-vicious pits someday soon.

I want a cute purse said...

Obviously this Man cares more about his pitbulls than his son being able to meet and make new friends.
The way pit owners think??? They are sick!