Thursday, June 16, 2016


Jill, a 3-year-old goat that's part of the Roberts family on a western Rowan County farm, is one of only two survivors after a gruesome attack by TWO ROAMING DOGS Tuesday morning.
“It was pretty horrible,” says owner Steve Roberts.
Roberts woke up and looked out the window to see goat bodies scattered around their pasture. When he went to investigate, he found two bloody-mouthed dogs in the enclosure.
"One of the goats was still alive so they had just attacked it so as soon as they saw me they were trying to get away,” says Roberts. “So I ran back inside and grabbed a gun.”
Roberts cornered the dogs and killed one of them, but the larger dog jumped over a gate and ran away.
“I hope that I don’t have to go through it again,” says Roberts.  “I went in told the kids do not look out the windows and for the next 3 hours I cleaned up, buried them.  It’s one of the worst days I’ve had.”
The dogs killed eight of the ten goats. The family gave Jill and another six-day-old goat, Sneezer, away to another farm to protect them.
Roberts says his daughters, who raised the goats, are devastated at the loss of their pets, but he and his wife Meghann are now just scared.
"We’re a little fearful to let the kids outside right now just knowing that the bigger dog is not here. It’s somewhere roaming and it’s not a safe dog.  It got all of the goats in the throats and the bellies, and it’s just a vicious dog.  It’s not safe.”
The family has been searching for the dog and it's owner. Roberts says it was a large dog that was a tan color. He  hopes to find it and get some justice soon.
“I would like to see that dog put to death,” says Roberts.  “I would like to know that it has been so I can feel safe letting my kids outside and then I would also like for the owners to make this right."
The Rowan County Sheriff's Department and Animal Control is investigating this case.  If you have any information you are asked to contact them.

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