Sunday, June 19, 2016



"Let me start off with saying thank you for taking the time to come and listen to our story. On June 2nd 2016 my  family suffered a devastating event. My Son and my Mother Linda were attacked and mauled by a neighbors pit bull while they walked home from my sons school. Linda protected her grandson by pulling the dog off him after it had already bit him and stood in front of him. The pit bull then grabbed her leg and didn't want to let go. In result of that, her leg was not able to be saved as we all hoped and prayed and it was later amputated. On a good note, my son and mom are alive. Linda is now a hero. What an amazing way to show someone you love them by risking your life to save another. She did what she could to save her grandson. Unfortunately her insurance does not cover prosthetics and the equipment she needs to recovery to start her new life. I come to all of you and ask for whatever it is you can help us with. Even though asking for help is never an easy thing for me, I am trying to do whatever I can to make sure that she will walk again. If you cannot help with a donation that is fine, i ask if you can keep this link going and pass it around to others. That is just as appreciated. She had cried to me the other day saying she cant live the rest of her life in a wheel chair and i promised her i will do whatever it takes to prevent that. Although she is happy and proud for what she did, it is still very hard to cope with the loss. This was always Linda's favorite thing to do, walk everywhere along with dancing to her favorite music at home. To know Linda is to love her. She is a sweet person and deserves the best to heal. I have attached the link from the newspaper on our story. We are all thankful we still have them both. Again thank you for your support along the way♥" ‌

I know by now some of you have heard what has happened to my oldest daughter Linda and my great grandson Damien. On June 2nd, my daughter Linda was walking Damien home from school when they were attacked by a pit bull. The dog attacked my great grandson and bit him on the face and then my daughter Linda managed to get the dog off Damien when it turned on her and bit down on her leg and knocked her to the ground and onto her back. According to the local newspaper--"The neighbors came to their aid, eventually getting the dog to stop attacking by hitting it with a piece of lumber after fists, a knife and a stun gun had no effect."
Damien was very lucky because he could have gotten really hurt but only got a few cuts on his face, but my daughter was not so lucky. As far as I am concerned my daughter Linda was a hero that day. She stepped in between Damien and that dog.
There was hope for a while that they could save her right leg, but after a few surgeries all hope faded. They couldn't save her leg and had to amputate just below the knee.
I have had a hard time coping with the reality of what happened. A parent really hates to see his or her child in such pain. But, I thank God she survived this terrible ordeal.
I took the first photo of my daughter Linda and my great grandson Damien in the recovery room a day after the surgery on June 15th.
The second photo was taken the same day. You can see the bite marks on his face.


Anonymous said...

Awful. Think any pro-pit groups will get together and have fundraisers for her? No, probably not.

Fed Up said...

Aw, hell no they won't.

Farmer Jane said...

The money for the prosthetic should be taken out of the pit owner's hide. If they can't or won't willingly pay for their own stupidity and cruelty to another human, then their wages should be garnished. This family should not have to be begging for donations.

Boniva said...

I hope she will make you claim against their homeowner's insurance or their landlords'. This is outlandish to be begging for donations when the dog's owner should be paying all of her bills.