Thursday, July 28, 2016


My name is Jim Sawyer.  My wife & I had Lilly for 10 years.  Lilly was a Jack Russel-Chihuahua mix.  A 10 pound bundle of love,  joy, and a loyal  companion.   I have a telephone business and Lilly went with me to many of my jobs.  The customers loved her happy smile and curiosity of a new place.  They remarked, "She sure loves you, she is 'your' dog".   Lilly was 'my' dog and my 'soul-mate'.  She loved traveling to my jobs as well as car and motor home trips.  She watched every thing out the windows with pure delight.

March 11, 2016 Lilly was mauled and torn to death in front of my house, and my eyes, by a PIT BULL by the name of Amanda.  You may have heard of Amanda on Chrissy Pistone's gofundme site in March 2016.  Chrissy was trying to raise money to pay for Amanda's boarding bill at San Louis Obispo County Animal Control Services.  Amanda was taken there after she savagely bit and shook Lilly to death.  Chrissy is the registered owner of Amanda.  We have been trying to get Chrissy to pay the vet bill, but she refuses to return calls or make any attempt to pay.

My veterinarian, Ed Cox DVM and his assistants, at Arroyo Grande Veterinary Hospital (in Arroyo Grande, CA) made a valliant attempt to save Lilly's life,  but it was not possible.  They have been very patient regarding the bill, and I owe it to them to get it paid.  It has been four months.
Their telephone number is: 805-481-9434

Your assistance  would mean the world to me, knowing there are kind, generous pet lovers who understand how much I loved Lilly, and share the emotions of my loss.  
Thank you very much!
Jim Sawyer
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Anonymous said...

Why is Amanda the pit bull still alive? How can a nutter be allowed to raise money for a boarding bill, and NOT THE VET BILL OF THE VICTIM DOG?!

Anonymous said...

SLO County Animal Control should have put dog down. If Amanda attacks and kills little dogs- she'll attack again and could be a child in neighborhood. Stupid dog owners. Sorry about your little guy.