Wednesday, July 6, 2016



Melody Rittenhouse wasn't scared yet when she heard a noise at her front door on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 6. But what she found was horrific - her neighbor's child on her porch and seriously injured from a  PIT BULL  attack.
"Everything is just a blur," she said, clutching her own dog in her yard Wednesday evening. She could be seen clearing blood off her porch shortly before.
Rittenhouse was on the phone with a neighbor when she discovered the 10-year-old boy about 3:30 p.m. in the 8800 block Stony Creek Road in Augusta Township. Officials believe he escaped an attack from his own dog inside his home.
Rittenhouse called 911 and she and her neighbor covered his injuries with towels, she said.
"He was very scared and so was I," Rittenhouse said of the boy. "It's just horrific. Just a very sad day."
An off-duty Northfield Township firefighter who was just a few houses away kept emergency personnel updated on the boy until Huron Valley Ambulance and Augusta Township firefighters arrived, said Augusta Township Fire Chief Dave Music.
Music said the boy had significant injuries to his face and arm, which appeared to be broken with serious damage to his wrist and bicep area.
The boy was taken in unstable condition to University of Michigan University Hospital, Joyce Williams of Huron Valley Ambulance said.
Music said the dog was still inside the home at about 4 p.m., when firefighters left the scene, and barking could be heard at about 6 p.m.
Michigan State Police could not be reached for comment.
Rittenhouse said she doesn't know her neighbors well, but said they have two dogs, one smaller and one larger.
"I just hope the kid is fine," she said. "He's just a kid."


Dayna said...

I'm SURE the kid must have done something to make pibble mad! /

Anonymous said...

If you have a pit bull as a pet, this is what you can expect.

Sweetie Pie said...

Of course this boy isn't fine. He has serious disfiguring, possibly disabling injuries. He is under the power of parents who keep a pit bull and left him alone with it -- ie, of parents who put their personal vanity above the life and safety of their son. These parents will most likely closely question the boy about what he did to provoke (ie, deserve) the attack.

According to the update, "the pit bull will be handed over to animal control". We'll see about that, since these pit bull fans usually change their minds within a day or two (ditto about promises to pay medical or vet bills when the victim isn't their own family). It seems likely that these parents will, in the end, want pittie-mauler back home with them -- and never mind the terror the boy will live in from that moment.

If they do give ownership to animal control, and the pit bull is put down, they'll make sure the boy understands that the pit bull's death is his fault.

They are unfit parents, obviously, but even removing the boy from the home wouldn't mean he'd be fine. There'd be a whole 'nother web of loss and guilt for him to deal with as he grows up.

There is no way this little boy is "fine". No way he ever will be.