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(WJHG/WECP) - Bay County Sheriff's Office has concluded its investigation into the attack on Judy Geneva, the Callaway woman attacked by her neighbor's pit bull a month ago.

"We have concluded this investigation to this point and sent the case file over to the states attorney's office," said Ruth Corley with BCSO. "We'll be having meetings with them, the State's Attorney's office, to review the facts of the case and to determine with them should charges be brought."
In the past month Geneva has undergone four surgeries and remains in ICU. The family tells NewsChannel 7 that Geneva still goes in and out of consciousness and is unable to speak due to a tracheal tube.
The family also tells us the medical bills are adding up and now -  total close to $1 million. According to the family, they still have no idea how they are going to cover the costs.
Geneva's daughter Lindsey also says that the family plans to move away from the house where the attack happened. She says it's painful to be in that house with all the memories and they hope to move to a quiet neighborhood in the country for Geneva to recover.

Judy Geneva with her 3 daughters, one a special needs child, and her husband posted on her facebook on  June 19, 2016......within hours Judy was attacked by her neighbors Pit Bull that severed both her jugulars and top of skull.......her husband Randy and her daughters continue to post updates and share their pain and updates.......

                  OH, THE HORRORS OF A PIT BULL MAULING !!!!!


Update shes doing well all signs look good just afraid of infection around neck severed both juglers and severed top of skull lets just keep praying randy

UPDATE: Mom is still on her breathing machine and has not opened her eyes yet today. She is moving her legs around a lot but nothing else. She has surgery at 5PM to cover the bite on her scalp. Last night they did have to give her CPR to keep her breathing. Please just keep praying! Prayers do miracles! I love you so much mommy and we miss you! Come back to us please.

Roxanne Powers As of this morning she is still unresponsive but, she is moving her legs around. They are keeping an eye on her throat and skull for any infection. She goes in at 5pm to have another surgery to cover the hole in her skull.

UPDATE: Mom is out of surgery. She still has not woke up. While me and Jamie were in there she heard us talking and she started moving her legs A lot the nurses had to come in and calm her down. They said the next few days are going to be the hardest because they have a lot to do! Please keep praying for a good recovery! I know my momma got this she is a strong woman and has people from all over the US praying!


Judy Geneva
Well nothing has changed still no signs of improvement next couple days they say is critical but in my heart i know she will be ok i cant make it on my own i really need her back all you husbands dont take life for granted love your wife every day and tell her how much you really need her i know i need mine we will make it together and we have have the lord with us A men  randy

Jamie Wickham with Judy Geneva.
Tried going to work and I couldn't even last 5 minutes... Momma I need you to get through this, I just wish everything could go back to the way it was 3 days ago. I love you so much and I miss hearing your voice. it's so crazy that everything can change drastically in the blink of an eye, y'all cherish and let the ones you love, know you love them because you don't know when it'll be their last day.

Lindsey Rae with Judy Geneva.
Mom, I miss you so much! Oh what I would do to go back and tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me! 💔 it's crazy how everything can change so much in such a short period of time! I would do anything to bring things back the way they use to be! I am going crazy right now... I cry every single day. It breaks my heart having to go to the hospital everyday and walk down the ICU hallways to see you. It hurts more cause I can't talk to you! Please lord give me my mom back she did not deserve this!💔💔💔💔 I just want to be happy again!

Judy Geneva
Well another sleepless night how i miss my love wish i could take her place would give my life so she can live randy

Judy Geneva
Well todays up date coming down on her propofol was maxed at 50 mcg now down to 20 fentanyl was at 200 mcg now down to 60 over breathing ventalator 30 to 35 per min machine at 6 per min keeps lifting left arm and both legs just hope shes not in pain god bless you all randy

Judy Geneva
To all my facebook friends please say a special prayer for judy today going back to surgery today complication with blood coming from heart going to open heart surgery not sure where blood coming from so please say
 special prayer hope all goes well god bless each and everyone of you and your families will keep you posted love randy

Judy Geneva
4 hrs
To all who care too many pit bull attacks the only way to stop this is make the owner responsible my wife is scarred for life the hospital bill as of today 3 weeks is 1 million she has a long way to go still in icu talked to a lawyer he says most home owner ins does not cover pit bull attacks and the owners of the beast are young so can not get much from them well who will cover these bills is it fair to us to have to worry about saving her life and how these bills will get paid its so stressful enough to see the person you love fighting for her life and worry about these bills while the owners go on like nothing happened please share god bless randy

                               PRAY FOR JUDY !!!


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