Thursday, July 7, 2016


                                     Protect Children From Pit Bulls And Other Dangerous Dogs 

Four years ago today on July 7th 2012 my Granddaughter Kaylie was severely mauled by her Fathers family
Pit Bull during a court ordered custody visit . The Pit Bull "Andy" would not release her until he was stabbed to
death during this unprovoked attack.

Kaylie was medi-flighted to UC Davis in critical condition with a wound near her jugular vein and her left cheek
was gone down to her jaw. The picture below is after ER surgery since pre ER pictures are very graphic.

This attack was the begining of a long journey of healing and reconstructive surgeries. This attack was also the begining of victim bashing and threats for my family everytime we dared to speak out in a effort to warn others of this danger. Not being one that can be bullied into silience I began researching and tracking fatal dog attacks. 

The following Nov. of 2012 I started this page "Protect Children from Pit Bulls and other Dangerous Dogs" and along the way I have become a founding member of "Daxton and Friends" as well as a board member of " ". Learning how often these attacks happen and that someone is killed by a Pit Bull every 13 days on average I could not walk away without doing more to help prevent these severe and far to often fatal attacks.
As a Grandfather I could not be more blessed to have this survivor in my life. Kaylie has managed a smile through the toughest of days. She shares her story with anyone who asks about her scars and hopes others will listen and make a safer choice in their family dog. 

There was a day when we did not know if Kaylie would survive and what the future held. Hug and love your children, take them for icecream and choose safe family pets. Not every family gets to keep their child after a Pit Bull attack.

Dennis Baker


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Farmer Jane said...

I look at that picture of that sweet girl with her face mangled, and I hear in my head the voice from one of the above articles saying, “It’s unfortunate that they have that sort of stigma. I love pit bulls, I have a couple of them myself". And, “You’re more likely to get bitten by a Chihuahua than a pit bull.”

Well, so frigging what? I wish she had been bitten by a chihuahua. Then we wouldn't be reading about her because she would have had a scratch or two, maybe, at worst, a couple of stitches.

Do these people think these stories are made up? Idiocy makes me worry about the human race.