Sunday, July 17, 2016


Kim Richards, Kingsley
Kim Richards is facing another lawsuit concerning her pit bull Kingsley and his alleged violent behavior.
A suit was filed against The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in a Los Angeles Superior Court today by Richards' friend Paige Sanderson, claiming negligence, emotional distress, battery, assault and strict liability, among others. In the court documents, obtained by E! News, Sanderson is suing Richards, as well as son Chad Davis, sister Kyle Richards and lawyer Bruce London, for an alleged attack that Sanderson received by Richards' dog in April.
In the claim, Sanderson states that Kingsley "had an extremely vicious and unusually dangerous nature and a propensity to attack, bite, and severely injured people without provocation" prior to her personal incident.
As to the attack in question, Sanderson states that she went over to Kyle's house in April to help her get ready for promotional appearance. Kingsley, who was also on the premises, was initially restrained in a room, until Davis allegedly let him out unrestrained, despite stating, "someone would be bitten if they did not leave."

When the Kingsley was released from the bathroom, the court documents state that he, "lunged at [Sanderson] and bit and held onto her lower abdomen and crotch, tearing off her leggings and underwear and ripped out portions of flesh between her legs and genitalia."
As a result, Sanderson says, she suffered "severe physical injuries, emotional distress and pain and suffering and was required to seek, did seek and continues to seek medical treatment and surgeries for her injuries."
Furthermore, Sanderson alleges that Richards and her attorney Bruce London "formulated a scheme" to get Kingsley off the hook for the alleged attack. The documents state that "Richards refused to call 9-1-1 to seek emergency medical help for Plaintiff unless and until Plaintiff agreed to say the attack was done by a stray dog and not by Kingsley because it would give Defendant Richards negative publicity.
The lawsuit continues to claim that London "fraudulently filled out hospital papers to ensure the hospital staff knew that it was a stray dog attack, a statement Defendant London knew was not true, all to his personal financial gain."
E! News has reached out to Richards' rep for comment.
This is not the first, or second, attack claim against Kingsley. In June,Kelly Crossley filed a lawsuit saying an incident occurred at Kim's Los Angeles-area home around early September of last year, leaving her with "grave bodily injuries" that will leave her with permanent scars. Two months later, Kingsley attacked and injured the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star's niece, who was not named in the suit.


Sisters and cast members of Bravo's new reality series "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Kyle Richards (L) and Kim Richards pose at the premiere party in Los Angeles October 11, 2010.

Kim Richards is being sued by a stylist following another attack by her ferocious dog, Kingsley.
According to the court docs obtained by TMZ, Paige Sanderson visited Kyle Richards‘ home in April to dress Kim, 51, for a “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” appearance. Sanderson initially fled to the bathroom fearing an encounter with the pit bull but was told she was safe.
Once Sanderson emerged, she alleges Kingsley bit and held on to her lower body, including her crotch and abdomen, pulling away chunks of flesh and tearing off articles of clothing. As the lawsuit also noted, Kim refused to call 911 unless the stylist told emergency responders she was attacked by a stray dog instead of Kingsley.
Kyle, 47, is also named in the suit because the events took place in her home. Sanderson is seeking an unspecified amount to cover her medical bills, in addition to emotional distress and cosmetic surgery.
This isn’t the first time Kim’s pet has caused both physical and emotional trauma. The former child star was sued in November 2014 after Kingsley bit a woman’s hand, soon after the pit bull harmed Kyle’s daughter, Alexia Umansky.

Reps for the Richards sisters did not immediately return our request for comment.


Dayna said...

Why oh why hasn't this fucking pit attacked it's idiot owner?? This moron so desperately deserves a Darwin Award.

Fed Up said...

That is one nasty pit bull. I can't understand why anyone would want to keep it.

Anonymous said...

In 1978, Kim Richards was in a movie called Devil Dog The Hound From Hell. Do you think she is trying to recreate it?

Anonymous said...

When is animal control going to take this VICIOUS pit bull away from its drug addicted nutter owner? How many more people have to be brutally attacked before a problem is recognized, let alone addressed?

In my world, if I had a dog that bit once, ONCE, it would be lights out for Fido. No dog of mine is going to attack ANYONE!

Kim Richards if the poster child for pit bull owners. She epitomizes nutters.