Friday, July 8, 2016


(WKBN) – Police are looking for a dog that attacked a 6-year-old girl in Masury, sending her to the hospital.
Kaleigh Kifer, who will soon be a first grader at Brookfield, has stitches around her swollen right eye and cuts around her mouth and nose.
The girl’s father said she had to get 11 stitches Wednesday night. At this point, she will not need plastic surgery and has been released from the hospital.
The attack happened in the area of W. Ohio and Nellie Streets in front of a vacant yellow house.
Masury Dog Attack
Masury Dog Attack
“I turned around, it was already on top of her and bit her, and I grabbed it up by its neck,” said Tony King, the boyfriend of Kaleigh’s older sister. “I did see that it was brown and black, and it did look to be like a LAB-ROTT MIX.”
Police said the child was walking with her older sister and King when the dog, possibly a Rottweiler-lab mix, came after them and bit her in the face. Police said the dog wasn’t provoked.
“Me and a friend that lives down the street had heard us yelling, and he came out and we had beat up on the dog to get him off of her a little bit and when I came to the dog, it was whimpering and running away.”
Investigators said the dog could be a stray, but it looked like it was well-maintained. Kaleigh’s father, Melvin Kifer, went looking for it on Thursday.
“He had to chase it out of his yard because it just didn’t want to leave,” Melvin said. “The dog apparently does get loose quite often and the owners do go around looking for it.”
Neither the dog nor the owner have been found.
Police are asking the public if they spot a dog with that description, to contact them.
“Let us know, that way, we can try and track down the owner. Main concern to see if the dog has had its rabies shots to prevent this kid from having to go through that type of an ordeal, receiving the shots,” said Brookfield Police Detective Aaron Kasiewicz.
Melvin hopes someone comes forward, for his daughter’s sake.
“At least come forward so we know she don’t have to go through these rabies shots,” he said. “I don’t want to put her through anything else.”
Anyone with information can call the Brookfield Township Police Department at 330-448-6960.

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