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If you can watch this, note how the pit is wagging the tail the entire time. Note how it goes back to attack, not relenting until the prey is dead and even then not relenting. Pit owners should be made to watch these tapes, to see what the breed does and is capable of doing. THIS IS NOT NORMAL FOR DOGS EXCEPT THE PIT BULL.

Why should we have to rely on owners controlling this breed? Most people can't even housebreak their dogs, but pits are being adopted to those people.



A pit bull was shot dead by police after it repeatedly mauled its owner on the street in Yichang, Hubei Province on July 18, The Paper reported.  The man, surnamed Rao, was seriously injured while taking the dog on a walk before he was attacked by it in the morning on that day. 

A video shared online shows a passer-by trying to help him with a stick.

When the police officers arrived at the scene, the dog had run away to its former owner's yard.

Policemen shot it to death after they asked for the owner's permission.
According to the report, the former owner of the dog was Rao's friend.
Rao had surgery at a local hospital and is not in critical condition. The two sides dealt with the compensation in private.
Police explained that the dog was in heat so it went crazy and attacked its owner.


Anonymous said...

No matter what the language, no matter what the country, pitties are the same. Treacherous, unpredictable and loathsome.

Anonymous said...

"Why should we have to rely on owners controlling this breed?"

That is the million dollar question! The reason is, it gives nutters the ultimate excuse. Don't blame the breed, blame the owner. The only reason why pit bulls have such a bad reputation is because irresponsible owners cannot control their pit bulls. That allows all of the "responsible" nutters to retain their rights to own dogs that should have been made extinct 30 years ago.

I can't watch the video. There's no way.

I want a cute purse said...

Me either! I can't watch. I will only think of every victim who's been killed. Children, babies!! The power of their attack is so savage and violent, they mean to kill.

Unknown said...

Any video you see, and there seems to be a lot of them, the attacking Pit Bull dog is always happy, tail up, absolutely loving what they are doing. Always, happy, happy, happy, tail. They really are "wiggle butts", eh?

Anonymous said...

Love the update. The dog was in heat, so it went crazy and attacked its owner? They really have an excuse for every attack, don't they? My favorite excuse is DNA.

The fact that this was a new owner, says to me that the previous owner did not want Ms. Wiggle Butt anymore because the previous owner saw the aggression start to emerge.

It's all in how you raise a pit bull, before you realize that you didn't raise them right, so then you pawn them off on some unsuspecting fool so they get mauled instead of you. That is the nutter credo.

Sweetie Pie said...

Love these Darwin attacks!

Unknown said...

I hate dogs

Unknown said...

I really do believe its in the DNA of the breed myself.for thousands of years they were used as guard dogs and for generations that's what they were used for.why is it you don't here about other breeds doing the same thing because you don't its mainly pitts.