Friday, July 8, 2016


Photo courtesy Earl Noble

A family's pet beagle is dead after being attacked in their St. John's driveway by a PIT BULL, the owner says.
Glen Spurgeon said he and his wife were having supper Thursday evening when they heard screaming outside their Blackmarsh Road home. They ran out to find a large, black pit bull "latched onto" their 12-year-old beagle, Bo.
"It was pretty horrific, I tell you. It was scary," he said.
Spurgeon said he immediately tried to defend his dog by hitting the pit bull with a shovel, so much that the shovel broke apart. But that did little to stop the animal, he said.
"The dog did not so much as look at me while I hit him," he said. "There was nothing I could do here ... He was laying on the ground and the other dog was just licking, chewing at him. He wouldn't leave him."
Spurgeon said the attack lasted roughly an hour, before Humane Services were able to pull the dogs apart. The police were on the scene, but say that by the time they arrived the beagle already appeared to be fatally wounded.

Bo was still alive when Humane Services took him away, Spurgeon said, but he needed to be put down.
He described his dog as "totally, totally mangled. Full of blood."
Spurgeon said his two children, 11 and 5, watched the attack from their bedroom window and are now devastated.
"I just left my little boy still in the bedroom crying," he told CBC News.
"This dog has been part of my family for 12 years. My two kids love him to pieces, as well as me and my wife."

No idea where pit bull came from

Spurgeon said this is the first time he's ever had an encounter with a pit bull. He said he has no idea where the dog came come from and has never seen it before.
"Maybe this dog would never hurt a human, I don't know. But he killed my dog," he said.
"I'm just so thankful it wasn't one of my kids, most importantly."
Spurgeon said he's hoping to get his dog's body back soon so he can "give him a proper burial."

Police investigating 

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary said the owner of the pit bull has come forward to Humane Services, and added police will follow up.
The RNC said it is investigating whether there are grounds to lay charges against the owner under the Animal Health and Protection Act.
During the investigation, the RNC may also determine if it will appeal to the courts to have the pit bull put down. 
Pit bull attacks beagle in St. John's


Anonymous said...

OMG, an attack that lasted an hour? If I hadn't a gun and if that were one of my dogs, ever knife in my house would be embedded in that pit, along with my machete, my axe and my splitting mauls. After that, the gas can and matches would come out. Or the chainsaws.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the picture, the biggest frown on my face appeared. I am so saddened by this.

To the pit bull advocates, this is what you stand for. Dogs mercilessly killed in their own yards by pit bulls. What threat was the beagle to the pit bull? Does it make you happy to see a blood soaked dog lying near death in a driveway? Normal dog owners are sick of the massacre caused by pit bulls. It's not how pit bulls are raised. It's not the owner. It's not because the pit bull was provoked by a tied up Beagle. It's not any excuse you can think of.


I want a cute purse said...

And the beast that did this is still alive? I'm sorry but if a pit comes in your property and does THAT to your dog or family.... It is YOUR responsibility to kill it so it doesn't live to kill another day.
THAT is the only responsible thing to do when it comes to Pitbulls. Open season! Kill every one that steps out of line.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

Just look at that ugly frankenmauler!!! That's not a pet dog!!! That's something out of a fiction horror movie. 3 of the pits next door to me are ugly dark brown/brindle like that but much taller. How could this have possibly gone on for an hour? They must live in a rural area but surely some form of police or deputy could have got there and shot it before then. I'm left amazed and speechless sometimes.

I want a cute purse said...

And there's the proof that Pits just don't stop mauling. They go on to eat and lick and continue to maul until the bodies are destroyed!
Kids and pets are not safe to even play and roam their own yards in peace.
I get so angry thinking that I should be able to let my kids outside to play with out fearing we would find them being eaten up! I feel like such a helicopter parent and my kids notice that I'm more cautious around certain dogs. When I see a pit at the park I feel like I'm the only one paying attention and being ready for a disaster. I just want to scream! One, don't bring your discusting pits to parks where children play... And two, does anyone else have a clue what these dogs are capable of? And they LOVE to kill!
So why do people love them?!!!!!! They are the devil's dog, made by Devils!

Dayna said...

Ugh. I cannot believe they just watched it happen for an hour. Even if I didn't have a gun I would have opened that shit bull like a gutted fish. FFS!