Monday, July 11, 2016



 A pair of men were walking two leashed pit bulls Sunday night in the East Ward when chaos ensued.
Police and witnesses say one of the dogs — out of nowhere and unprovoked — attacked a 25-year-old female who was smoking a cigarette outside Kiss of Ink Tattoo on the 500 block Hamilton Avenue.
“The dog just walked right over and latched right onto her arm,” said Chris Matisa, whose son dates the victim. “Her arm was ripped wide open. You could see her bone and everything.”

Matisa said it took his son, who owns the tattoo shop, two firefighters — one with a long pole, and the owner of the dog to stop the pit bull from attacking the female.
In a five-second video posted to social media, the owner, who is shirtless, wrestles with the dog on the ground as the victim’s boyfriend grabs the animal’s head screaming: “Oh my God, get him off.” The dog finally lets go as the 90-pound female — with a mutilated arm — runs into the tattoo shop with her boyfriend.

A pit bull viciously attacks a female Sunday night in Trenton as several individuals try to pull the dog off the victim.
But what is most upsetting to Matisa is what happened next.
“They actually ran and left their dogs,” Matisa said. “It behooves me.”
Shortly after 8 p.m., a K-9 officer responded to the scene and assisted the firefighters in subduing the attacking dog, Lt. Stephen Varn said. The pit bull died during the melee. Varn said the two dog owners ran away from the scene when they noticed police coming up the street.
The victim was transported to Capital Health Regional Medical Center after suffering severe lacerations. She underwent surgery and may require plastic surgery, Varn said. “Her forearm is mutilated,” Matisa said, noting his son’s girlfriend was in surgery until 2:30 a.m. Monday. “Now, they’ve got to do more surgeries. She’s got hundreds of stitches. She didn’t stand a chance against that dog.”
The victim is a tattoo artist. Luckily, the dog didn’t bite the hand she tatoos with, Matisa said.
“But she’s in a national string band,” Matisa said. “This girl’s professional music career could be done forever.”
According to footage of the scene posted to social media, the dead pit bull and the alive dog were tied to two parking meters on the street.
James Brownlee, the city’s health officer, said both dogs were taken to the Trenton Animal Shelter.
The deceased pit bull will be cremated. The other dog appears to be friendly and will probably be rescued out of the shelter if the owner does not come forward, city officials said. The owner has seven days to claim the dog.
Brownlee said the animal control officer does have the authority to make arrests, but neither of the owners were present when the officer arrived to the scene. The animal control officer was off Monday and Brownlee is waiting to speak to the individual to get more information.
Anyone with information regarding the attack or the owners — identified as two black males —is asked to call the Trenton Animal Shelter at 609-989-3254.

“If that was a 5-year-old kid, they’d be dead,” Matisa said. “And that’s something that the city’s really got to start worrying about.”


A  PIT BULL that attacked a woman on Hamilton Avenue on Sunday evening died while being subdued by a police officer and firefighters, authorities said.
The woman, a 25-year-old who was not identified, suffered several lacerations and will likely need plastic surgery, police said. She was taken to Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton following the 8 p.m. incident.
The dog's handler — and apparent owner — fled the scene when he realized police were responding, a police spokesman said Monday.

The mauling occurred on a commercial block of Hamilton Avenue near Chambers Street, across from the fire department's Engine Co. 7.
Police said witnesses reported the dog's handler tried to stop the attack and was also injured.
A police K-9 officer was first to arrive to the call, police said. That officer, with assistance from firefighters, held the dog down and controlled it, but the animal died in the struggle.
City animal control officials responded to take the dead pit bull, as well as a second pit bull

The exact ownership of the two dogs was unclear Monday, police said.


Anonymous said...

That there is easily the handsomest pit bull I’ve ever laid eyes on. I'm starting to wonder if we have this whole microchipping business backwards. Maybe instead of chipping the dogs, we should be implanting GPS transponders into their owners, so they can be tracked down when their mauler goes full pit.

Dayna said...

"The other dog appears to be friendly and will probably be rescued out of the shelter if the owner does not come forward, city officials said. "

These officials are absolutely insane.

And YES Anon, I agree completely, the trackers should be implanted in the "responsible" owners! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Monitor both the pit bulls and the owners and know who owns what. That's one way to MAYBE pin responsibility onto these idiot owners.