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dog mauling
Lindsay and Michael Holmes stand in their backyard. Behind them is the fence they jumped to save their neighbor being mauled by a pit bull.

Michael Holmes had just eaten lunch with his wife and their toddler son around 12:30pm when they heard cries for help coming from the house behind theirs on Marier Avenue in Vanier.

"We hopped the fence and found her in the balcony being severely mauled by this PIT BULL," Holmes said.  "She had significant blood loss and flesh loss as well. It was doing a number on her."

Using a piece of wood, Holmes said he hit the dog multiple times in the head before it retreated back into the house.  "He paused long enough for us to get the woman out of the doorway and let the door shut," he said.

Lindsay, who works as a first-aid instructor, grabbed medical supplies to help the 50-year-old woman who had lost chunks of flesh from her arm and leg. "You could see down to the fatty tissue and the tendons on her arm.  When paramedics came they put tourniquets on her arm and leg." 

Gisele Leroux, 59, lives in a unit above Holmes and she jumped the fence to also assist.  "If we weren't home, the poor woman would have died; the dog did not want to let go."

Paramedics said because of the location of the incident, firefighters had to help extricate the victim. 

The pit bull is owned by the daughter of the victim.  The daughter lives downstairs with the dog while the mother lives upstairs.      

Holmes, who himself owns two dogs, said that he is very uncomfortable with pit bulls in the area and would like to see more restrictions placed on owners in light of the mauling.


Paramedics responded to an incident involving a dog mauling that occurred in the area of Montfort Street and Marier Avenue in Vanier. The Ottawa Paramedic Service Communications Centre received the call at 12:37 hrs today, Saturday July 23rd, 2016.
Paramedics found a 50-year-old female with significant and extensive critical  wounds throughout her torso and extremities requiring advanced life support by Paramedics and their Special Operations Unit. 
The complexity of the incident and its location required extrication and high angle rescue provided by Firefighters of the Ottawa Fire Service.
The female was transported to the Ottawa Trauma Center in critical condition. By early notification to the Trauma Center, a dedicated surgical trauma team was activated and waiting upon Paramedics arrival.
The dog, believed to be a PIT BULL, has been secured by Ottawa Police & Ottawa Bylaw Services.


Anonymous said...

It's so difficult to put restrictions on known dangerous dog breeds. It's much easier to let the victim count, and the body bag count increase.

Another basement dwelling, adult child, pit bull nutter, who does not care about the well-being of mom whom obviously provides support. It's much more important to have a status dog to prove the world wrong. In this case, adult nutter child proved that pit bulls are dangerous. Adult nutter child must have raised nanny dog wrong. Does that mean she's irresponsible? It's not the breed, it's the owner? There are no clear cut answers when nutters try to explain what went wrong. I mean, someone is to blame. But who?

I blame the pit bull's DNA, but I'm mean because I judge a dog by its breed. I'm such a racist! Being a dog racist is far worse than mom getting mauled on her own property. To have chunks of her flesh ripped down to the fatty layer and tendons. My way of thinking is far more dangerous because my thoughts inflict mental anguish on nutters. The thought of nutters having to actually be responsible for their maulers is so unfair!

BSL doesn't work, but reading the endless stories of pit bull attacks is working for whom, exactly?

Anonymous said...

There's an interesting comment on this story at the Ottawa Citizen, a local daily newspaper. I'd love to know whether the commenter had specific local information or was simply generalizing./AMinYVR

Cathy Crocker · Sales Manager at Bacana

The problem with the pit bull breed of dog is not just its capacity for lethal attack, but also because pit bull dogs are bred to specialize in dog fights. Vanier dog fights earn pit bull owners thousands of dollars per fight. Five thousand dollars in gambling wins per pit bull dog fight are not uncommon. The pit bull fights are filmed with cell phones and the fight images are popular and shared. No wonder so many poor people are opting for this easy and readily available tax-free income. Smaller non-pit bull breeds of dogs are often used as "bait" dogs. The pit bull dogs get their fighting spirit up to par before a fight by destroying "bait" dogs often stolen from other dog owners. The potential viciousness of the pit bull breed of dog is second only to the greed and cruelty of pit bull fight spectators and gamblers. The pit bull fight black market should not be tolerated in a civilized society and should not be permitted to have the opportunity to develop especially where people are underprivileged and often financially desperate because of addiction, alcoholism and gambling issues.

Anonymous said...

If that comment is legit, there is absolutely no reason anyone should have a pit bull.