Tuesday, July 5, 2016


 VIDEO:   Two kids bitten by pit bull:

(NBC) -
Two children recovering after being bitten by a PIT BULL in Waterloo. 
The attack happened in the 700 block of Bertch Avenue just before 6:30, Tuesday night.
A young girl and boy, who did not know each other, were both bitten in separate incidents by the same dog around the same time.
Animal control took a grey pit bull into custody after it allegedly attacked two children.
The girl, Bailey, was walking home with a friend when the dog started running across the nearby yard.
Bailey's friend told her to stand still and not scream, that is when the dog jumped on the girl bit her in her lower back.
"She just sat down on the ground and started screaming. He barked at her and then somebody came out with a baseball bat and he ran off," said Ashley Gates, Bailey's friend.
Bailey was too shaken up to talk but she did tell KWWL she felt threatened as the dog ran at her.
The other victim, a boy, was riding a bike when he was bitten on the ankle.
 KWWL spoke with the boy's mother, she tells me he is going to be okay.
 She wanted to stress that she does not blame the dog or the breed, saying an animal's behavior is a reflection of how it was raised.
 The pit bull will remain in animal control's custody until the investigation is complete.



I want a cute purse said...

Two things you can always count on when a Pitbull is involved: some one gets hurt. Some idiot says its not the breed... It's the owner.
If it was a golden retriever out biting people you'd think, rabies. If it's a Pitbull out biting people, you think "well, duh! Pitbull, it's what they do!" Yet you always hear it's not the breed! It's the owner!

Dayna said...

"She wanted to stress that she does not blame the dog or the breed, saying an animal's behavior is a reflection of how it was raised."

This comment came from one of the children attacked. How does this woman know how this pit bull was raised? How is everyone so ignorant and willing to explain away a pit bull attack, even when it's their own child attacked?