Friday, July 15, 2016


Sophie the tiny Shih Tzu receives water through a syringe on July 13, 2016 after the dog was attacked by a Great Dane while in the arms of owner Kelly Morency.


Kelly Morency was trying to protect her dog, Sophie, in her arms Monday when she says a Great Dane sunk its teeth into her Shih Tzu and shook it like a rag doll.
The attack which she said happened around 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Ford Test Track left her dog bloodied and with about eight puncture wounds including two that required surgery Tuesday to insert tubes to drain infected fluid. Now she wants to find the owner of the large tan dog that caused the trauma.
“It charged at my dog and I picked my dog up. I’m going to cry,” Morency said Wednesday as she recalled the attack. “And he picked my dog up and was shaking it like a rag doll.”
Morency, 57, said she had her dog on a leash and was walking it behind bleachers at the park as people were watching a soccer game Monday night. The GREAT DANE  was not on a leash, she said.
A woman with the other dog got it away from the shih tzu and said she was going home to get her husband, Morency said. A man from the bleachers said he would try to follow the woman. Morency focused on getting her dog home. “She was yelping. She was crying and screaming in pain and bleeding. There was blood all over me.”
Her sister Stacey Reaume said they didn’t realize the severity of the injuries, the puncture wounds and scratches until the dog’s fur was shaved for surgery Tuesday. “I almost fell over when I saw the teeth marks all over the midsection,” Reaume said.
The dog, which is like a baby to her sister, was listless and not drinking or eating Wednesday. Reaume said she doesn’t know if it’s the pain medication or a head injury from the shaking that has the eight-year-old pet so subdued.
Reaume said the dog owner should be fined. She hopes the owner will be responsible, come forward, and pay for the vet bills. So far that’s about $700 for her sister who lives on a disability income, Reaume said. 
She’s hoping the story will prompt members of the public to call police with any information to help find the owner.
Windsor police confirmed an officer went to see Morency Wednesday and usually a report is sent to the city’s bylaw enforcement office.
Ann Kalinowski, manager of bylaw enforcement, said the fine for letting your dog run at large is $130 and there’s a possible $500 ticket if your dog bites or attacks a person or an animal without provocation. The police do a report and another investigation is done by the city, she said.
City Council voted in March to spend $5,000 more this year on enforcement of its dog bylaws. About $2,000 has been spent on overtime for officers to be in parks in the early morning and at night. “Out of the blitzes that we’ve done so far there have not been any tickets issued,” Kalinowski said.
People usually put their dogs on a leash when they see city officials coming. She said officers were at the Ford Test Track, one of the hotspots they check, July 7 from 4:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m. and they did not find unleashed dogs.
All breeds of dogs need to be on a leash at all times unless they are in a specific dog park. “We often hear that. Not my dog. My dog is really good around people and really good around other animals but they’re still animals right. We encourage the public to follow the law.”

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