Tuesday, July 19, 2016


GLENDALE, AZ - A Glendale woman is thankful her 4-year-old nephew is alive after a terrifying run-in with the family's pit bull .

It happened Sunday, at a campground near Payson.

Korina Goodwin says her nephew was with his mom and grandmother setting up their campsite for a fun trip.

Goodwin says the family dog was chained up to a large tree when another camper walked by with a dog.

Goodwin says the encounter agitated the pit bull as 4-year-old Andrew was playing with toys nearby.

"He reached down, I believe it was his dump truck, and pretty much the dog seeing movement in the corner of his eye, he just grabbed him," said Goodwin.

Within seconds, Andrew let out blood-curdling screams.

His family had to kick the pit bull off Andrew, but the damage was already done; the dog had torn through Andrew's face and head.

Andrew was airlifted to Phoenix Children's Hospital for emergency surgery.

"We weren't too sure that he was going to make it," said Goodwin.

"As of right now, pretty much all we are asking people for are cards, to let him know he is still handsome," added Goodwin.

The family had the pit bull for about three months. They say the animal did not have a history of aggression.
The dog is under quarantine, as is standard procedure after an incident like this. The family says the dog will be put down.

Andrew's family is asking for others to learn from their tragedy, and reminds people to be careful when kids are around pets.

The family has set up an account for medical expenses . They are also asking for handmade "handsome" cards to show support to Andrew during his recovery. Details are on the GoFundMe website .


A Phoenix toddler is recovering after being attacked by a dog while on a family camping trip.
It happened Sunday at the Spillway Campground at Woods Canyon Lake.
The dog, a PIT BULL, belongs to the roommate of the little boy's mother.
The 3-year-old and his 6-year-old brothers were playing with some toys. The dog was chained to a tree. The dog apparently attacked after a toy was thrown near it.
A spokeswoman for the Coconino County Sheriff's Office said the little boy suffered "severe injuries to his face and scalp."
The child was in stable condition when he was flown to Phoenix Children's Hospital. It was not immediately known if the child was still in the hospital Tuesday.
It's not clear if the dog has a history of being aggressive.
Under Arizona law, the owner of the dog "is liable for damages suffered by the person bitten, regardless of the former viciousness of the dog or the owner's knowledge of its viciousness."
The law also mandates quarantine for any dog (or cat) that bites a person.
If the owner does not have proof that the dog is up-to-date on its vaccinations, the 10-day quarantine must happen -- at the owner's expense -- at the pound or at a veterinary hospital. If the owner does have proof of vaccinations, he or she can request that the dog be quarantined at home or another county-approved location.
A bite victim can petition the court to determine if the animal is vicious, making it a possible threat to public safety. If a judge finds a dog to be vicious, there are a range of solutions that can be implemented, the most severe of which is having the animal put down.
Woods Canyon Lake is about a 2.25-hour drive northeast of Phoenix via State Route 87.

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