Thursday, August 25, 2016


(Source: WAFF)

Victim's home (Source: WAFF)

A 4-year-old Crossville boy was hospitalized Thursday after being attacked by a dog at his home, DeKalb County authorities said.
According to his family, 4-year-old Chris Metze was in the family's living room when the attack occurred. 
Around 7 a.m. the boy was attacked by a family dog in his home on Justice Street, according to Crossville Assistant Police Chief Jackie Clayton.
The dog involved was a 1-year-old CANE CORSO, according to the family. 
The boy's mother had taken two other children to school and her husband was home with the boy and another child, Clayton said.
The mother came home and found the boy had facial lacerations and an ear ripped off, Clayton said. The other child at home, a young girl, was not injured.
Metze was taken to Marshall Medical Center and then airlifted to UAB Children's Hospital in Birmingham, where his family says he is out of surgery and in critical condition. 
Police confiscated a total of 18 dogs from the property, Clayton said. He said four or five dogs of the dogs were in the house.
THE FAMILY WAS RUNNING A NO-KILL ANIMAL RESCUE, according to Chris' mother, Mary Metze. 
The dog that they believe attacked the boy has been euthanized, Clayton said.
Clayton said the incident is under investigation and that charges could be filed. The other children living in the home are currently in the care of the Department of Human Resources, he said.
UPDATE: Police call it the worst dog mauling they’ve ever seen. Thursday morning, police were called to a home for a child that was bitten by a dog, and found the child very badly injured inside.
Authorities say the child is four years old. The child was taken to Marshall Medical South in Boaz then flown to Birmingham in critical condition.
Crossville Police said the incident happened at a home on Justice Street.
Investigators say the child’s mother was out of the home taking other children to school. Officers say her boyfriend said he thought the child was laughing and playing, and went back to sleep. The mother found the four-year-old when she got home. Police say there was another child in the home, she is okay.
Police are not sure of the breed of the dog. It was euthanized after the incident.  Authorities seized 18 dogs from the property.
All of the children in the home are now in the care of the Department of Human Resources.
Authorities say charges could be forthcoming as officers investigate the case.


A 4-year-old is in critical condition after a dog attack in DeKalb county.

Police responded to a call this morning off Justice Street in Crossville. The victim, a boy, was found with severe injuries to his face. The unconscious victim was transported to the Marshall Medical Center before being airlifted to Birmingham.

The child was attacked inside with an adult in a nearby room. Police say the man believed the child was playing, and he did not react when the attack started.

15 dogs have been seized from the property. The dog involved in the attack has been euthanized.  


Dayna said...

A no-kill shelter, or a dog-fighting operation... Hmmm, are there pics of these 18 dogs?

I want a cute purse said...

Dayna, Is there a difference? There always in each others' pockets.

I want a cute purse said...

Dayna, Is there a difference? There always in each others' pockets. In my opinion both groups do damage, both with agendas with no help to the victims. Fighting breeds never improve a community. It's hard to face the facts.

Anonymous said...

If this is a no kill shelter, why did the cane corso try to kill a 4-year-old boy? Oh, that's right. It's a no kill "dangerous dog" shelter, but everything else is fair game.