Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Arrested: Jameel D Green, Cameron D Ward (courtesy: CPSO)

Arrested: Brandon D Allen, McKinley Bates Jr. (courtesy: CPSO)

FERRIDAY, La (CPSO News Release) - On Sunday, August 14, 2016, deputies from the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to Gremillion Street in Ferriday responding to a complaintfrom a citizen that “dog fighting was going on there and that one dog had already been killed.”
When Deputy John Cowan arrived, he noticed blood in the driveway and a blood trail leading to the rear of a trailer. At the rear of the trailer the deputy found a pen that was built in the shape of a dog fighting ring and other items related to dog fighting. The deputy also noticed the strong odor of marijuana near the trailer. Jameel D. Green, age 36, was arrested at the scene immediately.
Deputy Cowan then called members of the CPSO Special Operations Group to the scene to assist in the investigation. After obtaining a warrant to search the premise and trailer for drugs and evidence of dog fighting, deputies conducted a search of the trailer and property.
Inside the trailer deputies located Cameron Deshan Ward, age 20, and an infant child. During the search of the trailer deputies found four gallon bags containing a substance suspected to be hydroponic marijuana, a baggie containing 9 dose units of hydrocodone, three vials of steroids, and other items of drug paraphernalia used in the sale of narcotics.
During the investigation of the property, deputies arrested Brandon D. Allen, age 25, and McKinley Bates, Jr., age 53, for entering the taped off area of a crime scene and interfering with a law enforcement investigation.
Forty two (42) dogs were discovered at the scene. At the present time the dogs are being cared for by the Concordia P.A.W.S.(Pets Are Worth Saving) organization and are being housed at several locations within Concordia Parish.
Booked into the Concordia Parish Jail on 8/14/16 were:
+ Jameel D. Green on 42 counts of cruelty to animals and 1 count of dog fighting.
+ Cameron D. Ward on charges of possession schedule I drugs, marijuana; possession of schedule III drugs; possession of Schedule II drugs with intent; possession of drug paraphernalia; cruelty to animals 42 counts; dogfighting; cruelty to a juvenile.
+ McKinley Bates, Jr. on a charge of interfering in a law enforcement investigation.
+ Brandon D. Allen on one charge of interfering in a law enforcement investigation.
Deputies report that the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are pending.


Anonymous said...

Great, 42 fight bust pit bulls coming to your neighborhoods!

This should be illegal! Dog fighting is a felony, but fight bust pit bulls get a chance at a normal life. All of the pit bulls should be euthanized immediately. They don't deserve a chance at life, WE DO! OUR PETS DO!

Dayna said...

Even the "It's all they're raised" group of nutters should be against trying to keep these things alive. But you don't hear a word against them.