Tuesday, August 16, 2016


UPDATE:  http://www.iol.co.za/dailynews/news/attack-pit-bull-euthanised-2058015

A woman, recovering in hospital after being mauled by FOUR PIT BULL TERRIERS, is haunted by nightmares of her near-death experience.
Sumenthra Moodley, 33, who works and lives in Malvern, had been visiting her nearby parents’ home in Dawson Road on Friday when she was attacked by the dogs, which belong to her parents’ tenants.
Someone close to the family, who did not want to be named, said Moodley had been fearful of the dogs.
The owner had apparently been standing at the front gate when Moodley arrived at about 10.30am.
She was outside, hesitating about going into the house, but the source claimed the dogs’ owner assured Moodley nothing would happen and he would escort her into the house.
When Moodley took a few paces into the yard the dogs rushed at her and pulled her to the ground.
One of the dogs grabbed her by the throat.
The owner was apparently bitten on his fingers when he tried to come to Moodley’s aid.
Her mother, Neela Naicker, said she stood at the front door helpless while Moodley’s daughter, 9, watched in horror as the incident unfolded.
The child was traumatised.
Naicker said: “I could not save her. She could have died in front of my eyes. It seemed like an eternity. The dogs had long teeth.
“Neighbours rushed out when they heard our screams. One of the neighbours grabbed one of the dogs, which was vicious, by the mouth while the other pulled it by the leg.
His son rushed out to help.
“Once the male was removed the others followed,” she said.
Moodley suffered bite marks to her cheek, thighs, shoulder and legs. She was rushed to Medicross Malvern for treatment and then taken to Westville Hospital.
She required emergency surgery to her neck.
Neighbours notified the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).
The dogs were expected to be taken away by 9am on Tuesday, said the source.
The Kloof and Highway SPCA could not immediately confirm this.
The source claimed that two days before Moodley was mauled, a postman was bitten by the same dogs and had to be rushed to Chatsworth's  RK Khan Hospital.
Naicker said her daughter had been scheduled to write an exam a day after the incident. 
She was studying to become the manageress of a local chicken franchise where she worked. 
She said her daughter had been having nightmares, reliving the attack.
“The pit bulls had been on the premises since they were pups.
“The tenants had gates keeping them safely away from the public.
“We cannot understand what went wrong.
“The family is grateful for the brave actions of neighbours who came to her rescue,” Naicker said.
The family said the police had told them that Moodley could open a case if she wished.

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Anonymous said...

"We cannot understand what went wrong."

Here, I'll explain it to you. If you are alive, and you encounter a pit bull, you are "fair game". It's really not that complicated. Pit bulls have DNA that induces them to kill. Sometimes the pit bull DNA activates, sometimes it doesn't. That's why some idiots think if there's one good pit bull in the world, they're all good. When actually, there are so many bad pit bulls, they cancel out any of the "good" ones.

Sumenthra should have trusted her instincts. She was right to be fearful of the pit bulls. She should have insisted on putting the pit bulls in the house. They're not worth the risk. It's no surprise that Mr. Nutter didn't know what to do when his pit bulls did what they were bred to do.