Thursday, August 25, 2016


UPDATE:  A man's left leg was amputated after he was attacked by THREE PIT BULLS  on Tuesday afternoon, John Taylor, 78, was in his backyard when the pits mauled him according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

It was around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday when the victim's son, Kevin Taylor, found his dad lying on the ground while three pits were pulling at him. Taylor had called his son while he was being attacked on Conifer Trail a police report reveals. While Taylor’s son attempted to charge at the dogs, hoping they would run away, instead, he had to pull out his gun and shoot; killing two dogs while a third is still on the loose.

"He tried to shoo them away by stomping at him, that was not effective, they in fact, charged at him at that point he retrieved his weapon and was actually able to put down, kill, two of the three pit bulls,” said Major Lafayette Woods Jr., Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.
Woods tells Channel 7 Taylor's left leg had to be amputated, he also suffered numerous lacerations. One sergeant described in the incident report, that Taylor was bleeding from every limb on his body and the face area.
"Typically we know that in these cases, the dogs stray off from the property or their owners and they typically stray back or come back to the property, that has not happened that we know of,” added Woods.
KATV attempted to speak with the dogs’ owner, Christina Henry, 39, who initially denied the dogs were his, but it appeared no one was home.
"This could have been fatal, could have been fatal, had it not been for the response of the victim's son which I commend and being able to respond to his father's call for help, and it's a short distance between where his father lives and where he lives,” said Woods.
Henry was cited for vicious animal ordinance. Woods said when they find the third dog, it will be quarantined for 10 days while they check for rabies and observe the dog’s behavior.
Henry will have to go to court for his citation, that is also where he’ll have to attempt to get the dog back if he chooses to do so. Woods said getting the dog back would come with stipulations that are defined in the Vicious Animal Ordinance.


(KTHV) -- A Jefferson County man is recovering from a dog attack that occurred Tuesday afternoon. 
The 78-year-old man was attacked by THREE DOGS DESCRIBED AS PIT BULLS  in his neighborhood.  The victim is said to have lost a leg, requiring amputation surgery. 
The man was able to use his cell phone to call his nearby son.  The son told police that he could only hear the dogs barking during the phone call. 
After arriving, the son found that the three dogs had pinned down his father in the front yard.  One of the dogs was covered in blood.  
The son of the victim killed two of dogs, the third is still on the loose.
The owner of the dogs was cited for a Vicious Animal Ordinance. 
Stay tuned with THV11 and as this story continues to develop.

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Don't Pitbull people love to push their conditional love and cuddle pictures of their Pitbulls ... But as soon as there needs to be any kind of accountability, these same owners are no where to be found. Silence, lies, Facebook pages down. It's gross yet hilarious!