Friday, August 5, 2016



WWBT - A woman from Richmond says her dog is now in a different state because American Airlines wouldn't allow the PIT BULL  on the plane. Keiko Carter says Dallas, her emotional support dog, was stigmatized for his breed and wearing a muzzle in the airport. However, American Airlines employees report the dog was showing signs of aggression, which is why it wasn't allowed on the flight.
Carter is now at her new home in California, while Dallas is being boarded at a vet in Richmond.
"The flight was a huge anxiety trigger, which is why I wanted to make sure I went through the proper channels to get (Dallas) taken care of for the flight," said Carter.
Carter says she filed all the required paperwork to bring the dog on board with passengers, ahead of time. She flew out of Richmond Tuesday, intending to bring her pit bull on board with her into the cabin. Carter says she put a muzzle on Dallas, to keep him from eating anything on the floor, which he tends to do.
However, Carter says American Airlines employees stopped her, right before boarding, and unfairly pinned Dallas as dangerous because of the muzzle. "(The employee) basically said that they already decided that he wasn't going to fly. And I said, 'Well, what's the problem?' She said, 'Well, he has on a muzzle.'
A spokesperson for American Airlines talked to employees involved in the incident. The airline issued the following statement, claiming employees saw the dog lunge at someone:

"American Airlines employees at Richmond International Airport, along with the crew of flight to Dallas/Fort Worth, were concerned that this animal would pose a threat to the safety of our customers and employees. The decision was made to not allow the animal to fly in the cabin of the aircraft. American had also received reports that the animal lunged during the security screening process. We do apologize for the inconvenience, but the safety of our customers and employees are our top priority. Our team has offered to provide a full refund to the passenger."

Carter says Dallas had not shown any aggression at any point, and laid down during the TSA security check.
American Airlines offered a full refund, but Carter chose to take a later flight. She says she's saving money so she can afford to get Dallas to California.
"They discriminated him based on his breed. And that's not fair to him because he didn't do anything to anyone," said Carter.


I want a cute purse said...

Discusting selfish woman! What about the other passengers "emotional stress" when your muzzled Pitbull is near them? Of course with Pit owners, it's all about them!!

Dayna said...

Ugh. An emotional stress pit bull. Seeing that thing on my flight would stress me out. But it seems the idiot made it to her destination and she got a free ride to boot! These pit people take shameless entitlement to a completely new level.

Anonymous said...

The ADA or whatever is allowing owners any dogs of any breed and any background to 'claim' they can and should be allowed to go anywhere, despite the potential danger to others MUST be fixed and fixed soon before one of the monsters goes berserk at 30K feet.

Anonymous said...

She seemed to be able to make her flight after all. The freaking pit bull was a fake service dog which needed a muzzle.

Anonymous said...

How does anyone get emotional support from an animal? I'm sorry, but I seriously had anxiety about flying on airplanes. I never thought to bring an animal with me to help me through the process. No, instead I got help from a program that helps people overcome their fear of flying.

It's so unfair to the pit bull that he didn't get to fly. BOO HOO! Like the pit bull even knows the difference?