Monday, August 1, 2016


A woman was hospitalised after being savagely attacked by a dog in Wishaw town centre on Monday morning.
The female, believed to be in her 50’s, had just left Day-Today Store on Caledonian Road at around 8.45am when she was pounced on by the angry tan-coloured STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER.
The terrified woman was heard screaming and yelling ‘get off me, get it away from me’ by onlookers as the vicious dog grabbed onto her thigh with his teeth.
Day-Today shopkeeper Mohammed Aslam rushed outside to help the customer after he heard the commotion.
He told the Wishaw Press: “It was horrendous.
“There was blood everywhere. The woman was in hysterics.
“It was such a shame for her.
“After she was freed from the dog’s grip, we brought her inside and gave her a seat whilst we waited on the ambulance.
“Her leg was in some state.“
After the incident Mohammed and his son Nawaz reviewed the CCTV to give to investigating officers and said the scene was very uncomfortable to watch.
Nawaz added: “I couldn’t believe what I was watching. It was horrible.
“I felt so bad for the woman.
“She left the shop and a man was passing her with the dog on a leash.
“The next minute the dog jumped up and latched onto her thigh.
“The man holding the leash, who said he was only looking after the dog for a friend, was kicking and hitting the dog trying to get it off the woman but he wouldn’t let go.
“Another man tried to help but it took them a wee while.
“There was a pool of blood. I’ve been told this isn’t the first time the dog has attacked.
“Apparently he bit someone else in the Main Street last week.”
A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “I can confirm that an incident took place on Monday whereby a member of the public was taken to Wishaw General Hospital after sustaining a dog bite.
“Inquiries are continuing and I would appeal to anyone who may have been in the Caledonian Road area at around 0845 hours, and who witnessed the incident, to make contact with the police.”


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or have there been an unusual number of Staffa-shredder attacks in the UK lately? I could be suffering from confirmation bias, but it really does seem like more than usual in a short period. My sister, visiting from Australia, informed me that her son, who lives with her and her husband during construction, has a Staffie (and a Staffie-mix), and now I notice Staffordshire attacks more than ever.

Sweetie Pie said...

AMinYVR -- Your sister needs to tell her daughter the pit-type dogs have to go or else the daughter has to go. It's quite common for parents to end up mauled or dead when they let some adult child stay with them with one or more pit bull type dogs.

You aren't suffering confirmation bias. The so-called 'staffie' is a pit bull by another name. They have been mauling and killing people and pets for years now, but most of these attacks don't make the news. Now that various victim groups are publicizing how common these attacks are, the press seems to understand that it's not 'isolated incidents' but a plague. They are starting to report these attacks that formerly remained unreported.

Then another factor. The 'English Staffordshire terrier' is a dog that weighs max about 25 pounds. Nowadays, people are calling pit bull types and mixes that weigh up to 100 pounds 'staffies'. The attacks perpetrated by a 25 lb. dog are, of course, less damaging than those done by 'staffies' of up to four or even five times that size. Thus also the increase of reports -- the attacks are getting more and more like combat zone experiences.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie Pie, your second paragraph was very helpful in understanding what I thought I'd been seeing.

I'm kind of despairing, to be honest. When I calmly laid out some simple, indisputable facts, like the Home Office's report of a 76% increase in dog attacks coinciding perfectly with the 2005 exemption of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier from the Dangerous Dogs Act in the UK, she brushed it off, then informed me that I was “being just like a racist” because of what I was telling her about pit bulls — which she insisted Staffies aren't (!). It led to the sharpest words we've ever had.

The new daughter-in-law, a UK immigrant to Aus, runs a doggie daycare, so I'm guessing my sister assumes she knows better. My sister made it painfully clear that she wasn't prepared to listen to anything I said. About the only positive thing I can report is that her son posted a photo of the Staffie on his Facebook page a couple of days ago, and it appears to be an old-style smaller dog.

Thanks again for your input.