Monday, September 5, 2016


Disturbing video footage shows a vicious PIT BULL attacking a tiny beagle while its owner cried out in help and got caught up in the mauling herself. According to the uploader of the video, Raphael Fortin, he was out with his girlfriend visiting Boston for a Coldplay concert when they 'heard a loud yelling and shouting and realized that this was happening'. They were confronted by the harrowing scene of an out-of-control dog savaging a beagle as its owner tried to drag it away.

Horrified the woman who owned the beagle tried desperately to save her pooch and was left bloodied and bruised by the ordeal. The pit bull managed to bite into the neck of the smaller canine, which appeared lucky to not sustain life-threatening injuries. Mr Fortin said: 'The guy (pit bull owner) claimed that he got punched in the face which made his dog defend him and attack the smaller dog. I can't confirm if this is accurate.'
Passers-by tried to wrestle the pit bull away from the beagle, whose owner was left bloodied and bruised by the ordeal 

In the ruthless attack the woman screamed out 'help me' as she lay injured on the floor. 'Get it off her' she shouted as the older dog pulled her to the ground with her pet. The woman filming the shocking scene could be heard screaming: 'What the f***! Oh my God,' before she yelled for people to stop kicking the pit bull. A crowd of onlookers then tried to wrestle with the raging canine, before eventually the two dogs were pulled apart.

The two dogs were eventually pulled apart. Police officers arrived at the scene after the fight was broken up 

 Police officers arrived at the scene after the fight was broken up. The clip was posted by Mr Fortin on July 31 to YouTube and has over 200,000 views.

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Dog attack

 He wrote that he was on his way to the Coldplay concert in Foxborough, and added he felt 'sad' that all the attention was given to the owner of the beagle rather than the pit bull. 'The guy was left alone by the crowd and even the cops which didn't seem to care about him that much. The girl left in the cops car. I assume she went to the hospital,' he posted.


Anonymous said...

What kind of wacko feels sorry for the pit bull owner? Heaven forbid that anyone give two victims attention! I mean, we all have to believe that the pit bull owner was punched in the face, and that his valiant pit bull saved him from the savage tiny beagle.

Every woman out walking a tiny dog should end up with a bloody nose, and a bloodied pet. She deserved it and stuff. How dare she think she can walk around in public!

Anonymous said...

How appropriate that this all happened right next to a big sign for Landshark Lager. If you wrote that in a story people would say it was unbelievable.