Wednesday, September 14, 2016


CHICAGO (CBS) — He was nearly killed in a vicious dog attack. Now, one year later, a UPS worker is still fighting to get the dog put down.
As Roseanne Tellez tells us in this Original Report, despite two reported attacks, the dog’s owners want him back.
A judge gave Diana Sanchez yet another chance to save her pet PIT BULL, now in custody after a vicious attack.
CBS 2 talked to Jesus Toledo last September just after he was mauled from head to toe, trying to deliver a package for UPS. He says he begged Sanchez not to open the door.
“She said don’t worry, it’s a nice dog. I can handle it,” Toledo told CBS 2 last year.
“I was sure it was my last moment of living,” he said.
The dog went for his feet, piercing his work boots, bit of part of his ear, mauled his hands, and severed a thumb. 
Jesus Toledo is a UPS worker who was attacked by a pit bull while working his route.
He credits a passing mail carrier, who threw his body on the dog, for saving his life.
Toledo said he never imagined he’d have to fight to get the dog put down.
“I assumed the dog must die.”
In fact, a judge ruled the dog should be put down. But the dog owners are appealing. And today, they got a continuance.
When asked, “are you not concerned the dog will hurt someone else,” Sanchez replied, Ma’am can you get out of my face?”
Toledo says he’ll be back in court too.
I just don’t want anyone else to get injured, because, I was lucky.
Toledo fell off a porch trying to escape the dog, so he also hurt his knees, shoulder, and back. Even a year later, he gets physical and psychological therapy five days a week.
Just six months before this dog attacked Toledo, it bit a cable installer who filed a report.


Anonymous said...

"When asked, 'are you not concerned the dog will hurt someone else,' Sanchez replied, 'Ma’am can you get out of my face?'

Just six months before this dog attacked Toledo, it bit a cable installer who filed a report."

Oh, sure, irresponsible pit bull owner wants a reporter to get out of her face, but when a UPS guy asks that she not let her pit bull in his face, he was denied! Why? Because the pit bull is NICE and she CAN handle it! Even after the pit bull bit a cable installer 6 months earlier! That is this irresponsible pit bull owner's definition of nice?

This is why Illinois desperately needs Breed Specific Legislation! Victims cannot afford to deal with irresponsible pit bull owners that wish to keep their maulers alive! Jesus Toledo should not have to go to court to make sure this VICIOUS PIT BULL is exterminated! It just goes to show how abnormal pit bull owners are! How many attacks does it take for irresponsible pit bull owners to do the right thing? Apparently, more than two!

Anonymous said...

Irresponsible pit bull owners won't do the right thing even if the dog attacks someone in their family.

WE have to insist we go back to the "Bad Old Days", one bite and your DEAD. Don't like that? How about one bite at put up a $100K bond? Or one bite and pull the mauler's teeth?

Yes, I'm for BSL, but we can't sit around twiddling our collective thumbs waiting for it. If you can't win on one front, out flank 'em.

I want a cute purse said...

Amen anon!!!