Tuesday, September 6, 2016


A two-and-a-half year old boy is recovering after being mauled in a vicious dog attack. He is now in critical but stable condition after surgery to save his life. The little boy was attacked by the dog, A PIT BULL, at a family member’s home. His parents were horrified by his injuries and did not think the little boy would make it.
“They had to stitch up six lacerations,” says the mother of the boy, Casey Futrell. “One they had to do from the inside, to all the way to the out and double stitch it.” They rushed him to the hospital, carrying the boy who was bleeding profusely. “All I thought about, is that he was on my grandson and I was trying, like I don’t know what, to get him off of him,” says Judy McGowan, his grandmother.

The little boy, Christian, was playing outside in his grandmother’s yard, when he was approached by two dogs. That’s when they attacked, biting Christian on his head and viciously ripping at his scalp.

“One of them was turning around and going away and this dog just goes up and grabs the top of his head,” said Calib, Christian’s brother. He pried the dogs off, and called for help. 

His mother said that she thought this was the end: “Whenever I felt him, he felt kind of cold, so I wasn’t sure if he lost too much blood,” his mother says. 

“Parents… pay attention. I mean very close attention to their children around dogs. Even though you know the dogs might be okay, but you don’t know if the dog is going to turn or not. You just don’t know.”

(WITN) - A toddler has been hospitalized and a relative's dog put down during an attack during a family funeral this morning.
Duplin County Animal Control says it happened on McGowan Road in Faison around 8:45 a.m.
Beth Strickland says her two-year-old grandson, Christian Strickland, was in surgery at Duplin Vidant Hospital with head injuries.
The family was attending a relative's burial at a family cemetery that's on another relative's property.
Joe Newburn, animal control supervisor, says two dogs first approached the boy, who petted one of them on its head and it started growling. Newburn says the other dog then attacked the child, with another grandmother trying to intervene. That woman was bitten on the hand.
Relatives say the child's older brother also tried to get the dog off the toddler.
Newburn says the child was bitten on the top of the head with multiple lacerations. Animal control found the dog on the porch, and was "abnormally vicious" when they arrived. The animal, a HOUND MIX, was placed in their truck and euthanized. The remains will be sent to Raleigh for testing.

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