Friday, September 23, 2016



A  PIT BULL  was shot and killed outside of a coffee shop in Multnomah Village Thursday evening.
Portland police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson said the pit bull attacked a man's dog and the man shot the pit bull. The shooting occurred in the 7700 block of Southwest Capitol Highway. Witnesses say the pit bull died at the scene.

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"We were in the restaurant having dinner and heard two barking dogs and 'bang!' Right after that, we came running out and there's a dog on the ground dead and bleeding," Don Hughes said.
Officers told KGW's Mike Benner that the shooting appeared to be justified because the owner's dog was being attacked. The shooter had a concealed carry permit.
Still, some witnesses thought pulling a gun on the pit bull was an overreaction.
"It was literally not even a 10-second dog fight before this guy pulled out a gun and shot and killed another dog," said Charles Master, who witnessed the shooting.
The man was not arrested and police will turn over the case to the district attorney's office.
"It's completely ridiculous this guy isn't getting arrested for the fact that he shot a gun in a public place with families walking around," Master said.
The owner of the pit bull, Sabrina Spinn, was cited by police. However, she says her pit bull wasn't attacking the shooter's dog.
"My dogs got loose and the guy thought the dogs were attacking his dog but my dogs have never been aggressive," she said. "They never attacked anybody, never did anything and the guy pulled out his gun and was waving his gun and shot my dog in the head."


I want a cute purse said...

How long should a Pitbull attack before it is shot in self defense, Sir?
These hypocritical nay sayers would be bawling their eyes out if it'd happened to them, their pets and children mauled or dead because rather then being realistic and prepared, they're too worried about what other people might think about them shooting an attacking pit.
I can't believe how much heat this guy is getting for defending himself, dog and community!

Anonymous said...

Another pit bull owner who "knows" what happened without actually seeing it.

Dayna said...

Yep, we're all supposed to sit by and wring our hands and watch as our loved ones or ourselves are shredded. And I love how the irresponsible pit owner tries to make it sound as if the legally carrying gun owner "was waving his gun", like he was the one who was out of control!

Anonymous said...

And, as always, the pit owner lies. A few more cases like this and pit owners might get half a clue. Yeah, I'm kidding. Half a clue and they'd have a normal dog.

Anonymous said...

Good, two more dead pit bulls. I love it that the other one is being put down too.

Jake said...

A man after my own heart - and a hero to his dog

Anonymous said...

With the exception of horribly deformed breeds like pugs and English bulldogs, the jaws and teeth of a canine are designed to tear flesh. Wolves kill their prey via rapid disembowelment. A dog who means business can inflict major damage within seconds. Just watch that famous video of a cat chasing off a dog that attacks a small boy playing in the driveway. The very end of the video shows the wound that the dog inflicted just by having the boy's leg in his jaws for around four seconds.

It is perfectly reasonable for someone to not want to risk their pet dying or risk having to pay a quadruple-digit vet bill. Bad dog owners need to realize it is absurd to expect others to value the well-being of your attacking pet over the safety of their pet.

Anonymous said...

Another irresponsible nutter complaining that her out of control pit bull got shot in the head.

"My dogs got loose and the guy thought the dogs were attacking his dog but my dogs have never been aggressive,"

Honey, your pit bulls were loose. Your pit bulls WERE being aggressive. Your pit bull is dead BECAUSE it was either your pit bull, or the victim's dog. I know you're okay with your pit bulls killing other dogs and stuff, but the owners of dogs are not okay with random, deadly, unprovoked attacks. You see, we've heard about pit bulls. We've been educated and know if we don't act immediately, we get to watch our dogs ripped to shreds for no reason.

I personally hope they throw the book at you! I betcha your pit bulls were not vaccinated. I also want to bet that your pit bulls have been aggressive before. You just don't want to accept it, therefore, it is not true. That's how all you nutters operate.

Anonymous said...

The facts: The dogs were off lease and obviously not under any control by the owner, which is the epitome of irresponsibility considering the breed. The police felt the same way and cited her. Typical pitbull owner.

To Charles Master who said: "It's completely ridiculous this guy isn't getting arrested for the fact that he shot a gun in a public place with families walking around."

Are you an idiot? You should have said "It's completely ridiculous that this woman isn't getting arrested for the fact she let two unrestrained [restrained is required by law] and well known aggressive breed pit bulls run through a public place with families walking around and thereby forced a man to use his legally carried handgun to kill one of the unrestrained pitbulls attacking his restrained [as required by law] non-aggressive breed dog."

Check out some YouTube videos of pit bull attacks. Once they start they are pretty much unstoppable, even by their owners. They are dogs that have been bred to kill. It is not their fault, they are the product of sadistic humans who enjoy watching living creatures rip each other apart. They serve no useful purpose.

To the man who shot the pitbull: I feel bad that you were forced into this situation by an irresponsible pitbull owner. You were not looking to kill another dog that evening, it was forced upon you. You did nothing wrong. We can only imagine what might have happened to your pet if you were not armed, but based upon documented attacks this likely would have been much worse. If the dogs were attacking Charles Master's child he would have called you hero instead of that stupid comment he did make.

To Sabrina, who said "My dogs got loose and the guy thought the dogs were attacking his dog"... What was he supposed to think? If they were not attacking his dog please tell us what they were actually doing and how you know that to be fact and why the man should have known this as well.

To Sabrina, who said "but my dogs have never been aggressive,"...typical response from a pitbull owner right after their dog[s] have just aggressively attacked another dog, a child, a police officer, mail carrier, etc., etc. Newsflash Sabrina: there is always a first time. Up to that point you can make that claim. After that first attack you can no longer claim your pitbull has "never been aggressive".

Your stupid comment came AFTER the aggressive attack [that is why it was stupid]. You should have said "my dogs have never been aggressive until they attacked that man's pet. Maybe I should reconsider my position on pitbulls as mine just displayed seriously unpredictable behavior [actually this is typical of pitbulls, they have been bred just for this purpose and nothing else]] and as a good neighbor I want to avoid even more unprovoked attacks. Maybe they are not the friendly dogs I though they were. Maybe my next dog will be a known friendly breed that my neighbors will not have to worry will attack their pets, or worse, their children."

To Sabrina, who seems to take no personal responsibility for this situation: I am so glad you are not my neighbor and I bet your actual neighbors are glad those dogs are gone, especially now that it has been well established that they will attack without provocation.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:40 PM,