Sunday, September 11, 2016


A 5-year-old Providence girl was taken to Hasbro Children’s Hospital with multiple puncture wounds Sunday afternoon, after a PIT BULL MIX latched onto her arm and would not let go until her father stabbed the dog to death with a kitchen knife.
“Help, he’s biting me!” the little girl screamed.
The girl's father, Darrell LaFrance told police he and his wife were “arguing in the kitchen” of their apartment at 641 Manton Ave. when they heard the child's scream from the living room.
LaFrance told the officers he rushed into the living room, and tried to get the 2-year-old dog off his daughter by punching it several times, and when that didn't work, he “grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the canine approximately three to four times.”
At the point the police arrived, "the tan and white pit bull/bully mix [was] lying on the living room floor and unresponsive.”
According to the police report, the child had puncture wounds on her right arm/shoulder and the right side of her upper back as well as a bloody nose.
"The victim’s injuries were considered serious but not life threatening at the time of the report,” the police said. 


Anonymous said...

You know, just the other day I read a story about a Bichon Frise. There was a mom and a dad arguing in the kitchen, and the Bichon didn't know what to make of it, so he decided to latch on to the 2-year-old in the living room. The dad punched the Bichon and it would not let go. The dad ran to the kitchen to grab a butter knife to stab the Bichon to death.

Actually, this never happened. Wouldn't it be nice if parents would realize BREED MATTERS?!!!! If they didn't believe the lie that pit bulls are NANNY DOGS! This little girl is lucky that her dad knew he had to kill the pit bull to get it to stop.

Sweetie Pie said...

Rhode Island. They'll probably charge the owner of this pit bull with animal cruelty. Both for interrupting a working dog doing the job it's meant to do and for actually harming a pit bull that was killing a child. After, in RI pit bull lives matter much, much more than any child's life.

Dayna said...

I wonder if they'll get another one. I know it seems stupid to wonder that, but the parents were pretty dumb to get one in the first place...

Unknown said...

It would be nice.

Unknown said...

Maybe this carnage would stop if the shelters would stop constantly pushing these pit bulls on people. When all people see is snarly, aggressive dogs, they think that this is normal behavior.
Shelter volunteers are often misanthropic individuals uneducated as to breed specifics.
Shelter workers should be trained, licensed, paid, and held responsible for their assessments and placements.