Thursday, September 15, 2016


A video you have to see to believe.

TWO PIT BULLS  go into a Triad neighbor's yard, grab his dog by the head and start dragging.
“One dog had his entire mouth…my dog's head, he had it in his mouth and he was dragging him across the yard as you can see on the video,” Gerald Kirkland said. 

His home security camera, captured the entire attack.
It happened right after the homeowner let his dogs out to do their business. 
“I went into combat mode, as you would say. And I did whatever I had to do to protect my property,” the retired veteran said.
Kirkland fired a few shots to scare the pit bulls into letting go of Chingy, the 10-year-old shiatzu, but that didn't work.
It took about nine bullets before they did.
Chingy suffered deep gashes and cuts and had to get more than 14 stitches on its head, body and neck.
The pit bulls were also injured, but all three dogs are OK.
The dogs are back to roaming the neighbor’s yard.
Kirkland is now wondering why Forsyth County Animal Control didn’t remove the pit bulls after the attacks.
“What we're afraid of is that they're going to attack one of our grandkids because we have grandkids out in the backyard playing,” Kirkland said.  “What we're trying to deal with now is animal control responding correctly and to be able to remove the dogs off the property.”
2 Wants 2 Know found taking dogs away from an owner is a bit complicated.
Investigative reporter Faith Abubey talked to a lieutenant with Forsyth County Animal Control and he seems to understand the homeowner's frustration. But, he says, local and state ordinances have their hands tied.
They can't just go and remove someone's dogs, even after an attack. The dogs in this case didn't kill or inflict “severe injury” to a human being. That would designate those dogs as “dangerous" under state law.
The dogs that attacked Chingy are now labeled "potentially dangerous,” meaning they attacked a pet or person causing broken bones, deep cuts or killed a pet on someone else' property. 
If they attack again, then they would become “dangerous” under state statute and animal control could start the process to remove them or force the owner to get a $100,000 insurance for the dogs – covered under her homeowner’s policy.

Removing a dog is a process. There are so many regulations and requirements.
For now, the owner of the dogs that attacked Chingy has been cited for her dogs being vicious, running at-large, registration issues and out-of-date rabies vaccinations.
That's $50 for each offense.
Animal control has asked her to keep them inside the house, inside a chain-linked kennel or if they are outside, on a leash.
Right now, though, the pit bulls are still walking around the yard next door to Kirkland’s property.
That’s because the homeowner has appealed the order by animal control which means she doesn't have to comply until she's found guilty at a hearing.
It’s worth noting, animal control and state law can only do so much so you might have to take steps to protect your own family and pets by building a fence around your property.


Anonymous said...

Animal uncontrol, for sure. We all have to insist on stricter laws for attacking dogs.

Now, looking at that video, do ya'll get that it's hard to hit an attacking pit without hitting the attack victim?

Probably not, you're all superheros with your weapons, in your minds.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

None of us are superheroes with our weapons, in our minds. We're all very different ages and physical abilities. Each one has their own version of Hell they live in trying to survive with these mutants everywhere. Each situation will be a little different. What if the mutant was taking a 5-pound Chihuahua out of the arms of its owner and the owner was fighting to hold on and they had a gun in their pocket. One meat grinder jumping right in front of you can be stopped. In this case there was a large deck and yard and 2 meat grinders on the small dog. The owner of the victim dog was a retired military...different abilities...but he was not prepared and was caught off guard!!! Fast action with a proper knife might have been his best weapon, but while he was taking care of one pit, the other one probably would have turned on him. He would have needed his gun in the end once he got their attention away from his dog. Besides I understood him to say he was shooting to scare the pits off at first. THERE AIN'T NOTHING SUPERHERO ABOUT THIS VICIOUS DOG SHIT!!!!! I've just made up my mind that I've got to fight back in someway if and when one of them busts through my gate or jumps the fence and gets me at the mail box.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

I feel like ranting. I'm 70 years old and the nutters moved in next door 7 years ago...Guns, Drugs, Pits, Roosters, Guns, Pits, Drugs, Pits...My social media activity is to check police records online in this city and county to see which one has been arrested this week...Lately my old ticker has begun to race and hurt everytime I deal with them. For instance: Last week I looked out my window around was 97 degrees and there was a baby crawling around in the yard across the street. I kept waiting for an adult to run across from the nutters house and grab that child up (the house where it was crawling is for sale and empty). No one came!!! I called Pop who is 75 and said we have a problem here. We both headed for the front porch with cell phone in hand as I made a plan in my mind. The child is around a year old and he crawled about 20 feet through the grass and out over the curb and worked to stand on his wobbly legs and started toddling down the middle of the street. Suddenly a truck came up the street and was right on the child before he saw him. The man jumped out and grabbed the baby up and started walking up and down the street and no one came for the child. Ten minutes past and it was so hot the man got in the truck with the child as he talked to the police on his phone. Me and Pop sat quietly on our porch watching. We waited as the man turned on his air conditioner to keep the baby cool. No one came out. 20 minutes past and I don't know how long it had taken for that baby to get all the way across the street and over in that yard crawling and toddling!!?? Then suddenly 2 people came out of the nutters house and started looking for the child and the man got out with him and told him he was waiting on the police. So they took the baby and the man in the truck drove off (a neighbor I think. Then an officer drove up after all that time about 30 minutes!!! and went up to their house and was there 5-10 minutes. So I think about the big picture of this situation...this time it was the street where a number of things could have happened to that child. That child could have just as easily crawled into that back yard with all those XXL pits.....

I want a cute purse said...

Good God! Never thought I'd see a day when so much time, care and attention went to breeding/adopting/championing PITBULLS and so little for the children of this country. These kids need help y'all! They need advocates of their own and responsible parents.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

So I have pains in my heart a lot lately. 30 minutes it took to get an officer out here when a baby is found crawling and toddling in the middle of the street, and the officer came just after adults in the home had just come out and retrieved the baby from a total stranger in a truck! How long would it take to get an officer out if a person was being mauled by their neighbor's frankenmauler?

So I can't sleep well because I have been woke up so much them and their mutants. 4 days after the baby in the street incident I was woke up at 3am and I got up and walked to the front of the house and the house was lit up with police lights blinking up and down the street. 75 year old Pop was already up and our hearts began hurting and racing. Right outside our front bedroom window was 4 men laughing and talking and that's what had woke us up. We quietly went out on the porch and tried to make out what was going on. Two vehicles were parked on the street and blocked by the cop cars and the nutters driveway was blocked by some kind of large van with sliding doors. Cops were moving about and there were at least 2 men coming and going from the van. So we waited quietly as our hearts hurt. And finally they brought out a nutter in handcuffs and placed him in a police car and began to leave. When the first cop car left then all the men that were by our bedroom window left in a truck and some more left in a car. Then the big ??crime scene?? van left and there were no more swirling lights and it got quiet. So I check each day on line for arrests and I found it...this time it said 2 Felonies: synthetic narcotics and meth was being sold to add to the robberies, trafficking in marijuana and driving with revoked license and more. After each and every arrest I find, it will say "Probation Violation". When will it stop being a probation violation and become hard time? So the house we spent 30 years paying off is sitting next to this and how my heart hurts. And the XXL pit bulls sit in that backyard in a shacky utility building side by side in the heat and in the cold of winter scratching and whining and barking if we go in our backyard. I guess they make good pets.

Dayna said...

@ Anonymous at 8:19 PM, no idiot, we are NOT all superheroes in our minds with our weapons. We are normal people, some who have experienced first hand an attack by a weaponized pit bull dog, others who have just read the COUNTLESS stories of random attacks by pits. And we all just want to live our lives in peace and not have to get attacked in our own yards or walking down our streets. I now carry a gun to protect myself and my own dog. Is every situation different, of course! But I refuse to just hide in my house and hope to God that a loose pit doesn't decide I'd make a good target. I plan on protecting myself from LIFE ALTERING injury, possible death from a stupid pit. You don't like it? Keep your mauler contained!!!!

@ Decatur AL, I am so sorry you and your husband have to live like this, I wish there was something I could do to help you.

I want a cute purse said...

Dayna we were meant to be friends. Your comments are always spot on. I also refuse to live in fear.
Decater AL, it really bothers me to hear about your ongoing problematic situation. I wish I could help too. I do know why this is happening to you and I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

Decatur AL, that is INSANE! I wish you could put your house up for sale and leave all of that behind you. No one should have to live like that. It irritates me how criminals get away with murder. These neighbors of yours sound like they should be locked up already!


My first thought was, hopefully next-time, this guy will kill the pit bulls as soon as they step foot on his property. No need to wait until they start attacking. Just a couple of superhero shots, and BOOM! Problem solved! All pit bulls should be shot on sight if they're loose.

Anonymous said...

How is it that these dogs can only be deemed potentially dangerous? That's as stupid as the ridiculous notion that a dog that's attacked and maimed someone is in need of a behaviour assessment.

Like Dayna, I'm so sorry you have to deal with that awful situation day after day. I hate to think how many people there might be who are similarly prisoners in their own home, thanks to sociopathic neighbours and ineffectual laws.

Dayna said...