Thursday, September 15, 2016


(WNDU) - In the aftermath of a horrifying attack, a PIT BULL sent one South Bend boy to the hospital resulting in nearly thirty stitches.
“It drug [sic] him from the play area over here, back to the house and actually inside,” said Adam Lolmaugh, the victim’s father.
Lolmaugh described feeling helpless in the situation; he says it took several people to remove his son from the dog's grip.
The four-year old's dad tells us this is the sixth time the pit bull has mauled someone. Fearing this won't be its last attack, he wants to see the dog taken from its owner.
“I want that dog gone,” said Lolmaugh.
Lolmaugh says his son was playing outside Monday evening when the incident happened.
The pit bull belongs to the woman who lives in a nearby home, just next to the play area.
“She let it out, came over here, he was right about in this area playing, and the dog grabbed him, drug [sic] him over there and began chewing him,” said Lolmaugh.
A trip to the hospital and 27 stitches later, “just looking at it makes my stomach drop every time,” said Lolmaugh.
In the attached video, you’ll see images of the boy’s wounds. A warning, they are graphic.
“He’s got a hole, probably the size of a half dollar on his left shoulder. He's got bite marks and claw marks all on his left arm, all on the inside, down his arm,” said Lolmaugh.
The dog's owner declined to comment Thursday, slamming her front door after a request for a statement.
“She said it's not my problem, it's not my kid, it's not my problem. She’s bragged this is the sixth time that it's bitten, twice we know of children,” said Patrick O’Banion, family friend.
Now, the boy's father and a family friend are demanding action.
“I would like the dog to be put down. I am very fearful for children and the safety of people in this neighborhood because of that vicious dog,” said O’Banion.
“I understand dogs are supposed to be protective, but being protective and attacking are two different things,” said Lolmaugh.
Wednesday, South Bend Animal Care and Control placed a quarantine on the pit bull. The owner is only allowed to let it outdoors to use the bathroom, and must be within arms-length of the dog.
Violating any of those rules can result in the pit bull being taken from her possession. SBACC’s director, Todd Howard says a case officer has been assigned to this situation.

As far as the boy’s recovery, Lolmaugh says he's been tough, and aside from being traumatized from the incident, he's in good spirits. Adam says his son had a check-up with the doctor Thursday and will continue to monitor those wounds to avoid an infection.


Anonymous said...

This is obscene. The dog attacks 6 times and it's still with the owner. PEOPLE COUNT MORE THAN DOGS!

Anonymous said...

This dog is on its SIXTH mauling?? Is there something in the water in South Bend or what? Unbelievable. And the owner is, gee, I'm looking for the right word but subhuman is all that comes to mind.

I want a cute purse said...

The selfishness and inhumanity displayed by pit owners is atrocious! The owner is a cut above the rest. Prayers and vigilance for that little boy, his family and community... And a boot in the owners ass

Anonymous said...

I live right by. The lady actually has 2 pitbulls and they are outside without her supervision as I type.