Tuesday, September 20, 2016


A  PIT BULL  was removed from a Sterling Heights home Tuesday afternoon after the dog bit one of the neighbors and her Shih Tzu on Monday.
Phil Russo, the husband of the victim and their dog, Cici, said the incident happened while his wife and dog were out on a walk.
"It's the scariest thing I've ever walked outside to. I ran outside and right at the base of my driveway, my wife and dog laying just covered in blood, screaming and waling, and it was just the most God-awful scene I've ever seen," said Russo.
His across-the-street neighbor, Jason Defillippo, said he believes his foster dog, Blue, was just trying to play.
"She's a good girl. She's only 10 months old. She's a puppy. She likes to play. When she busted out the front door, she was maybe going out there to be curious, to play maybe, I would say yes, as far as attacking, no. She wouldn't hurt anybody," Defillippo said.
Russo doesn't see it that way. His wife and dog, Cici, were bitten above their eyes.
"The dog had the taste of blood in its mouth," Russo said.
Animal Control officers picked up Blue from Defillippo's home today.
"She's not a bad dog is all I can say, she's not a bad dog," Defillippo said.
Defillippo does not want pit bulls to get a bad name and wants to try to resolve the issue.
"These are one of the most loyal dogs to humans you could possibly get. I do feel bad 100 percent that somebody got hurt in this situation," Defillippo said.
Russo said they plan to move out of the neighborhood now.
"I'm not comfortable. My wife doesn't want to go outside.  My family was attacked and now has mental issues, not feeling safe to walk outside in their own home.  You're supposed to feel safe at your home.  I'm gonna have to put my home up for sale and find a new place to live," Russo said. 
Blue will be taken to a rescue where she will be quarantined and evaluated to make sure she can return to society.


I want a cute purse said...

Buuuut she DID hurt someone. She wasn't playing she was attacking.
The truth is literally punching the pit owner in the face and he is too dumb. Brain no workey!
Glad no one was killed but that poor woman is traumatized!

Anonymous said...

Cute Purse,

I've seen that soooo many times! A pit bull gets loose, does what it does, and the irresponsible owner, fur mommy, nutter, what have you, will always deny exactly what exemplifies pit bull behavior, and exactly why pit bulls have a bad rap!

If the irresponsible owner, fur mommy, nutter, had any of that happen to them, they'd know exactly what it was. That it was not playing, that it was a brutal attack, and they would seek therapy for their traumatized pit bull. But because this happens to average people with their defenseless pets, they don't matter.

There's no point in this couple moving, pit bulls are EVERYWHERE! I wish it wasn't the case, but so many people think pit bulls are the new darling companion that are super friendly and are not known as flesh eaters.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

The minute I published this story the nutters were already sending me comments that this dog wouldn't harm a flea and we don't know the whole story.

I would advise this couple to try like HELL to get out to a gated community that does not allow these dogs. But always remember that PIT NUTTERS LIE....they will show up in your "safe, gated community" and hide their meat grinders in plain sight!!! If they are young enough to move and the street has not completely gone to the Rif-Raf, GET OUT AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!! It will not get any better...go for it....find a better place to live. Believe me...I know what I'm talking about. There are so many houses on my street for sale for years and they are not selling. Now they are turning into rentals.

Sweetie Pie said...

This Difillippo needs to be immediately institutionalized as dangerously delusion. He is a threat to his own and public safety.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no, Mr. Defillippo, that's a VERY bad dog, by any measure.

It's sickening how pit advocates continue to get away with claiming that dogs that are seven times more likely to attack their own owners than any other are somehow uniquely loyal.

When it comes to pit bulls, the “false balance” problem in modern journalism, where both sides of an argument are given equal weight, even though they have nothing like equal merit, is literally killing people.

I wish I thought anywhere was safe from these abominations, but I don't. Basic contempt for others is everywhere.

Dayna said...

"These are one of the most loyal dogs to humans you could possibly get. I do feel bad 100 percent that somebody got hurt in this situation," Defillippo said.

Delusional. If pits are soooo loyal (note he said to humans, not to other dogs) to humans, why do they continue to maul, completely unprovoked, humans? Yeah, that's a rhetorical question.

Anonymous said...

"The minute I published this story the nutters were already sending me comments that this dog wouldn't harm a flea and we don't know the whole story."

The pit bull didn't harm a flea, it harmed a Shih Tzu and its owner. It is pure denial when nutters say a pit bull would never harm anything after it attacks. The attack is not cancelled out by saying nice things about the pit bull. If anything, it magnifies the seriousness of the situation. A person was harmed and is suffering from the trauma of the attack, and they're being victimized again.

My first thought was, the pit bull is 10 months old. That is a very dangerous pit bull since it is already attacking. It should be dirt napped asap! But the nutters that want to emphasize that we don't know the whole story, don't care about the other lives that are harmed by this pit bull. Nope! They're only interested in saving this one worthless, attacking, dangerous pit bull. They discredit the harm caused by the pit bull. They don't care what happened to the victims. They're more concerned about the reputations of pit bulls. Reputations pit bulls so richly deserve.