Monday, September 26, 2016


Gina Bourque holds a photo of her dog, Kodi, who was killed by another dog during a visit to a dog park near their home on Henry Ford Centre Drive in Windsor.

Gina Bourque said she watched her four-month-old dog Kodi die between the jaws of the larger dog during an attack at the Ford Test Track dog park.
“The dog’s head was the size of my puppy,” said Bourque. “His jaw was locked on Kodi and I’m hitting the dog and screaming at him and he wouldn’t let go. I was afraid the dog was going to turn on me.”
Bourque said the attack happened Saturday around 11:45 a.m. She had Kodi on the side of the park for small dogs and puppies. Bourque said a woman showed up with a large BULLMASTIFF and let him loose in the puppy side of the park.
“A woman came in with a bullmastiff and she took it on the puppy side and it killed my puppy,” said Bourque. “She said ‘I always bring my dog on this side.’ I wasn’t OK with it and I went up to go get him and the dog lunged at him and got him in its jaws and started shaking him and killed him.”
Bourque said Kodi only weighed 10 pounds.
“He never had a chance.”
Bourque said she’s been to the park many times before but never saw the other woman or her dog.
“All she kept saying was ‘he won’t release when he does this, he won’t release when he does this,’” said Bourque.
When the other dog finally did let go, Bourque scooped up Kodi and rushed him to a veterinarian. She took a photo of the other dog owner’s licence before she left.
Bourque said a witness told her that as soon as she headed to the vet, the bullmastiff owner jumped in a truck and took off. Bourque called police.
Const. Andrew Drouillard said Windsor police received a call around 12:45 p.m. Saturday. They have talked to the bullmastiff owner. Drouillard said police would be handing the case over to the city’s bylaw enforcement department because it doesn’t appear there was any criminal wrongdoing.
Bylaw department officials wouldn’t comment Monday because they had yet to receive the police report.
Bourque said she only had Kodi about three months. Her last dog died of cancer. After a few years, Bourque decided it was time to get another furry companion.
“I decided instead of getting a big dog I’d get a little dog this time, for companionship, someone to love and adore and pamper,” she said. “He loved going to the park. He was the happiest dog I’ve ever seen in my life. He just loved other dogs, he loved attention and other people. He never even barked, he was so sweet.”

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Anonymous said...

Having a dog so out of control that you 'allow' it to kill or injure a person, pet or livestock should be illegal.

This owner's own words tell us this isn't the first time she's 'allowed' her bully to attack something.

Time to change some laws.