Monday, October 10, 2016


An Albuquerque woman and her dog are recovering after being attacked twice last month by STRAY DOGS.

Both instances happened on the Albuquerque's Westside, near Ladera and Arroyo Vista.
Rebecca Kinkade-Black is a marathon runner and by her side most mornings is her dog, Sydney.
But both are trying to get into their routine again after the attacks in September.
"It's just kind of jarring to have that experience," Kinkade-Black said.
Kinkade-Black said the first run-in happened Sept. 18, as she turned a corner in a neighborhood south of her house, she came face-to-face with a crouching dog.
"At that point, the DOG, once I stopped kind of just growled and then lunged for us," Kinkade-Black said.
She shielded Sydney and the dog took a bite out of her left calf.
"You could see some of the fat coming out of the wound," Kinkade-Black said.
She said it took eight days to recuperate. Then she went back, pounding the pavement but got another unwelcome surprise.
"I happened to look over to the left hand side and there was a dog that came around the corner," Kinkade-Black said, remembering her second run after the injury healed.
This time though, there were THREE DOGS. Just like the last time, one of the dogs lunged for the pair, biting Sydney on the back.
Albuquerque's Animal Welfare officers caught the dog involved in the first attack, but not the other three.
Kinkade-Black said she never expected this to happen in her quiet subdivision and now gets anxiety when she's out on a run.
"Anytime I hear them, I stop to see to make sure they are secured behind a wall or something," Kinkade-Black said.
She recommends other runners in the area carry along a spray with them just in case they come into contact with an aggressive stray dog.
Animal Welfare says you should report any cases like these, by calling 311 or the 311 app.

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