Friday, October 7, 2016


The dog, a HUSKY  named Leo, was caught early Wednesday afternoon, but not before leaving two city officials and two residents bitten and, in some cases, bleeding.
Eric, 44, who lives on Greenbriar Road, was one of the people who was bit.
"My dogs were in the yard. They were freaking out because there was a strange dog in the driveway. I went out to see. The dog lives two streets over. I've seen it when I walk my dogs," Eric said. "So I went over to it to try to get it away from my dogs to get them inside and it just jumped up and bit me."
Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter is calling for the dog to be euthanized in light of Wednesday’s incident.

When I've got a dog that's bitten four people in one day, I don't need to know much more than that," Carpenter told The Enterprise. "My hope is that once we're able to speak to the owner of the dog we're going to ask the owner to voluntarily submit the dog for euthanization. As difficult as it may be for the owner, hopefully the owner will see the public danger that was presented today."
Brockton police and animal control were called around 8:12 a.m. for a report of a loose dog on Brian Drive, off Torrey Street.
An animal control officer responded and attempted to capture the dog and was bitten, as was a city firefighter. An elderly woman was bitten as well.
The dog was caught early Wednesday afternoon on Brian Drive. He is owned by Zukeby Brea Roa of 44 Brian Drive, and is now at the city's animal shelter, according to shelter officials.
The animal control officer, firefighter and a 75-year-old woman resident were all taken to the hospital. The elderly woman suffered a serious bite to her right arm and another bite on her left arm, Carpenter said. The two city employees were treated and released.
The dog will be held at the city animal control office on Court Street in quarantine for 10 days, a standard practice when a dog bites a human.
Carpenter said he anticipates the animal control office will request a public hearing to determine whether the dog is a danger. The dog's owner would be able to state their case at the hearing.
"The hearing officer will be Captain Williamson of the Brockton Police," Carpenter said. "The hearing officer could order restrictions on the dog from wearing a muzzle to being leashed to being inside up to euthanization."
Attempts by city officials to reach Roa had been unsuccessful as of 1:40 p.m.
Roa was due in Brockton District Court Tuesday regarding the dog's license and did not appear, Carpenter said.
"The owners had a hearing scheduled with a clerk magistrate on a citation that the city had issued for the dog being unlicensed," Carpenter said. "The dog was licensed on Sept. 30 and would have had to require proof of a current rabies shot. The dog is up-to-date. But, they would have had to have gone to court to clear it up since they were already requested to appear."


Dayna said...

That dog actually sounds like it might have rabies.

Fed Up said...

Also, proof that other breed attacks are reported by the media.

Anonymous said...

You mean there's no media bias? WHAT?!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of this anti-husky bias in the media.

Any big furry dog with erect ears and curled tail is called a Husky. Husky isn't even a breed. The breeds with Husky in the name are Siberian Husky and Alaskan Husky. Was this dog DNA tested to prove it is purebred dog?


Huskies are known to have high prey drives and are large enough to pose serious risk to humans. While I get no pleasure from beasts put to sleep for engaging in instinctual behavior they likely cannot control, is it wise to give the dog back? The owner already failed once and look what happened. Why risk it happening again?

Maybe if bad owners didn't get their aggressive beasts back when they go on biting sprees, they'd be more likely to keep them locked up in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I think owners who want their biters back should have to
1)Pay ALL medical and/or vet bills of their biters victims FIRST
2)Pay a hefty fine for letting their dog bite and be out of control
3)Pay the cost of having ALL of their biter's teeth pulled out, or filed flat.

THEN they can have precious back.