Thursday, October 13, 2016


The father has been quarantined. No word on the mother.
A litter of AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIERS is comfortably housed at Colonial Heights shelter, not too far from their dad, who is being held in quarantine after an attack that injured two.
Around 8:30 Thursday morning, neighbors like Larry Fulcher woke up to a police presence in their area.
“I heard sirens, so I got up and come out on my front porch and there they were,” Fulcher said.
Colonial Heights Police, Animal Control and the Fire Department all responded to a home on Layfayette Avenue.
Police said the initial call was for someone injured. Once on scene, first responders soon discovered that a man and woman had been bitten by a male dog in the home.
Fulcher said he saw a man being carried out on a stretcher. Police said both the man and woman suffered extensive injuries.
Sources told CBS 6 this all stemmed from some sort of argument between the two people. The dog bit the man after he got too close to the puppies, according to sources.
The puppies aren't up for adoption right now
When the woman tried to stop it, she was also bit and the two had to run upstairs to get away.
Police couldn’t confirm if that happened, but said the dog was acting on fatherly instincts.
The fire department said the woman escaped through the second floor window to get away from the dog.
Fire crews found her in the back room, and had to help her get down.
Fulcher said he saw animal control take nine puppies and the adult dog from the house.
“I didn’t even know they had the dogs until today,” Fulcher said.
The adult dog is in quarantine at the Colonial Heights Animal Shelter, which is standard procedure, police said.
The puppies were also taken to the shelter, but staff wants people to know that they are not up for adoption, right now, because they were taken since no one was home. There is no word on the mother dog.
No criminal report has been filed. Police are still investigating.


Anonymous said...

Another pit attack, another lame excuse.

Dayna said...

Never in my life have I heard of a male dog having fatherly instincts.. They should euthanize the whole stinkin lot.

Anonymous said...

Of course they have fatherly instincts. They probably know exactly what temperature the bottle should be, because they're Nanny Dogs. Also, how to do paternity tests.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Dayna,

I've never heard of "fatherly instincts" either! It's just another pit bull mauling due to "Pit Bull instincts".

How do these people know that the victims got too close to the puppies? I mean, seriously.

I've read stories where nursing female pit bulls attack people many houses away from their puppies. I'm going to google "fatherly instincts" and see if this phenomena has occurred before.

Anonymous said...

"Police couldn’t confirm if that happened, but said the dog was acting on fatherly instincts."

What a load of garbage. Unlike wolves, male dogs do not have the instinct to raise their own young. This is why if you don't neuter a male dog, it will go around boning as many female dogs as it can find.

I want a cute purse said...

Terrible! More Pitbull breeding... And obviously breeding aggressive Pitbulls.
And I love how they have to announce that the puppies are NOT up for adoption. Do you think all the love sick Pitbull fools are swamping the lines? Or is media once again trying to make Pitbulls seem more popular than they really are?