Sunday, October 9, 2016


Three boys were attacked by a dog in one neighborhood Sunday afternoon, Denton Police said.  
The attacks happened near the intersection of Montecito Drive and Settlement Drive.  A 60-pound ROTTWEILER MIX  is now in quarantine, blamed for biting and scratching the boys.  Two other dogs were also loose but did not attack.
"He got me right here on the leg," said one of the boys who was bitten.  His parents did not want him to share his name, concerned about disputes with neighbors.
The boy said he had been walking to a friend's house in his neighborhood, when he was surprised by the aggressive dog.
"It comes up and it jumps on me and it bites my leg," the boy said.  "I was shaking really bad.  My leg, I couldn't even move it.  I didn't even know I was bleeding either."
Neighbors said another kid was being chased by the dogs and had to climb on top of a car to try to get away, but was still bitten in the ankle, suffering minor bites.  The third boy had minor scratches.
"This was the war zone right here," said Jason Stein, a neighbor who lives on the street where the attacks occurred and called 9-1-1. 
Stein said the dogs live at a house across the street, and that the dogs have been seen roaming in the neighborhood before.  The owner did not answer the door, but the backyard fence appeared to be loose in at least one location. 
Several neighbors said they think the dogs should be taken away, and that no kid or adult should have to walk the neighborhood in fear.
"I had people in the back of my truck trying to hide from the dogs," Stein recalled.  "To see a kid screaming with blood pouring out?  I don't think these dogs should be around here."
Denton Police told WFAA parents of the boys have the option to file a dangerous dog report, which could lead to a hearing.  If the owner of the dog is found liable, the owner can either turn the animal over to be euthanized or obtain a $100,000 liability policy and build a "fortress" to city specifications to prevent the dog from getting loose.

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